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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

With his time dwindling on the global stage, President Obama is seizing every moment of this week's gathering of world leaders here to define his misunderstood worldview -- before it defines him. Increasingly, the rest of the world is testing where the president's boundaries lie and what they might expect of the United States in the wake of his eight years of military disengagement and multi-nation approach to squelching war and violence abroad.

"The world is turning around and saying, ‘You are being passive, you are not leading,'" Jon Alterman, a Middle East specialist at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. That has consequences for the rest of the world, where some see the U.S. as retreating and leaving room for other big state players to assert themselves. "This is a new, weaker America that is having the Russians run circles around it," Alterman said.

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You are misconstruing my point-I never said that dialog with any world leader is bad, and hopefully the meeting between Obama and Putin cleared any misconceptions that Putin may have had about our resolve. Make no mistake, however, that Russia is seeking to exploit Obama's reluctance to act-as you have pointed out yourself many times, Russia has used US and NATO inaction to seize large swaths of the Ukraine and now that they are sending airplanes and, contrary to your assertions that they are content on seeking a "PR coup" are now flying bombing missions over Syria. In fact, today Russia's upper house of Parliament unanimously voted to allow troops to be sent to Syria. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but Putin is flexing his muscles in the face of US Foreign Policy, which is the point.


That base is a fuel stop and has, since 1971, had no permanent presence for warships, which is now changing. Russia has never based fighters in Syria, which they now have and are bombing targets throughout Syria. This is alarming to most of our allies, but you are cool with it?


There is a big difference between popularity contests and foreign policy.

As a life long Democrat I applaud most everything that the Obama Administration has done, but am uneasy by our policy of disengagement, especially since our Allies are not helping to fill the void that the Rethugs created in the first place. I am not saying that the Administration is responsible for the mess, but its actions over the past few years have not helped matters.

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