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When the Egyptians conquered the Judaic regions, they did it by using 'new technologies', i.e. Bow and Arrow. Before that, all wars had been fought hand to hand.

When the Chinese dispatched the Mongrels from power in China, and started the Ming dynasty, they did it by developing a new killing weapon - based on a then 300 year old invention, gunpowder. The Mongols were more vicious and more numerous than the Chinese rebels, but were overpowered by technology. Gunpowder rendered the Bow and Arrow obsolete for war.

BTW, the use of gunpowder and rifles, as a new technology, spread across the face of the earth faster than any technology ever, up until the start of the 'Flight and Information' age. It only took 40 years for firearms to spread from China to Europe. This was during a time when it took a year to travel the same distance.

America did the same thing with a long list of war-related technological innovations. In fact, making war and inventing new ways to kill, is the only thing America does particularly well.

At each step of the way, the best predators (the ones that won) actually believed that God had empowered them, and their message, with his very own special blessing, thus justifying their actions.

(Be it known that I am not a Christian and I have no need for any religion.) But something went wrong along the way. Some men (Jesus, Mohamed, the Buddha, etc...) said, 'love your enemies'.... The reason this message resonated across the centuries is because it was in direct opposition to the hearts of man. Yet, even now, the most effective killers in the history of the world, Americans, finds themselves philosophically torn between that message and the need to kill those who want to stop us from taking whatever we want.

Don't blame the less intelligent among us (like the Sniper and the people who find glory in war and killing) for not being able to work out these abstract concepts. They simply do not have the intellect to do so.

It is inevitable that someday, war itself will be obsolete. This is the abstract idea that we need to incubate.

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