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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bobby Womack, who spanned the American soul music era, touring as a gospel singer in the 1950s, playing guitar in Sam Cooke's backup band in the early '60s, writing hit songs recorded by Wilson Pickett and the Rolling Stones and composing music that broke onto the pop charts, has died. He was 70. Womack was upset when his first hit song, 1964's "It's All Over Now," became a much bigger hit when recorded by the Rolling Stones. "I was very upset about it," Womack said in an interview. "It was like, 'They stole my song.' I stopped being upset when we got our first royalty check. That changed everything." read more


Sorry, my friend. You keep falling in the same trap, thereby proving my point. Let's get back to the original idea.

Israel shouldn't get a different set of rules than other countries when it comes to war crimes and international law.

My point is that people say this but don't believe or practice it. We've had this discussion before. I am not an enemy of Israel, but I am also not going to give them freedom to their own truth, unsubstantiated by facts.

Gaza and the West Bank are part of Israel. Israel is supposed to be an autonomous government. There is no need for the UN to have further involvement, unless that government becomes so incompetent that it is a hazard to worldwide stability (are we there yet?).

Iraq was also created with incorrect ethnic boundaries and the problem there is the same. There is only intrusion there when the world marketplace was facing the very real possibility that Saddam would destroy the precious commodity of the oil reserves. There is no such precious commodity in Israel other than Religious sites and the Israelis (jews and arabs) own inflated sense of self-worth.

Jerusalem cannot be an international city because that would require it to be a church-state, similar to the Vatican. But that still doesn't solve the conflict about who owns it - the jews or the Arabs. There is no conflict at the Vatican, everyone knows the catholic church owns it.

You should take a deeper look at why America is doing what it is doing. The conflict could be easily stopped. A utter and complete economic and material sanction on the Israelis - both sides. But America, especially the American Banks, do not want the conflict to stop.

Never forget my patented saying; 'You can't have war contracts without a war. You can't have a war without an enemy.'

The wife and I watched the Robin Williams movie, 'The Worlds Greatest Dad'. Man, was that ever disturbing, in retrospect.

In the movie, Williams is an unsuccessful writer, who is a dad that has a teenage son. That son is one nasty little twerp. Everyone hates the kid and the kid hates everyone and everything. The kid likes to (I don't know what you call it) ---------- while chocking himself.

Eventually, the kid chocks himself to death while doing this. So Williams makes it look like the kid commited suicide by hanging himself and writes a suicide note, pretending it was from the kid and causes it to be published in the school newspaper.

All of the sudden, everyone is changed and thinking that the kid was just misunderstood and that there is something they can learn to enrich their own lives by the kids death.

Eventually, Williams makes up and publishes a 'journal' that the kid supposedly kept (the kid had no such journal), and it was a big hit, even leading to offers to have it published, a TV appearance, as well as offers to publish the dad's work (which were never published before).

All along the way, the kid becomes a posthumous martyr for all kinds of causes. They even wanted to name the school library after the kid.

The movie ends with Williams telling everyone that they had always hated the kid and that the kid hated them too. He went on to say that the kid was, in fact, 'a real douchebag', that he (the dad) wrote the suicide note and the journal.

This 'the truth shall set you free' moment freed him from the lies, the hatred, the historic revisionism and the public opinion.

The parallels to Williams death are undeniable.

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