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#11: not sure where you read an apology in anything i wrote. i said that those throwing stones, spitting, etc. should be criticized and condemned. arrested even by israeli police.

#10: we can disagree as to merits of gender separation in society and where, if anywhere, the gender separation lines should be placed. given enlightenment, liberalism, etc. is a moving target (e.g., it changes from culture to culture, society to society, year to year), the standard that anyone adopts for itself cannot be projected on a different culture as a source of criticism. so, if an ultra-orthodox person wants gender separation at his place of worship and peacefully protests a political movement that challenges this view, it is inappropriate for anyone to criticize that. its his freedom of religion and expression. once the "protest" takes an ugly turn, all bets are off. though, not because of the gender separation view, but instead because the method of protest is objectionable.

regarding the stone throwing palestinian kids, nerf is overstating that they's be "they'd be either assaulted, assaulted and jailed, or shot" - though they would certainly be detained. (though i am always surprised when people object to this...if teenagers were throwing rocks at our local police force, i would expect the officers to react in exactly the same manner as israeli soldiers! but i digress...) we don't know whether there were any arrests made, but we do know that (1) the protesters were throwing rocks at ads that were on buses NOT at people; and (2) police WERE dispatched. i can imagine why people ASSUME no one was arrested, but its an assumption not supported by the article.

regarding the last comment...well, i'll ignore it. no point starting a tangent argument that's not going to convince anyone (e.g., i know that nothing you say on the topic will convince me of your opinion either!). and given the venom that gets spewed on this site whenever israel is a topic, let's leave it at the relatively civil level of conversation that its at now...

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