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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Police raided the offices of Indiana Voter Registration in downtown Indianapolis, a group run by longtime Democratic operative Craig Varoga.

www.youtube.com read more

Monday, October 24, 2016

Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer on the conflict of interest between the candidate, the Clinton Foundation and an African king.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yesterday, I revealed that the University of New Haven disinvited me from speaking at a forensics conference, because of my stance on Black Lives Matter. I've been overwhelmed by the response from students, alumni, and others who heard about my unfair treatment. A senior at the school, Brian Sharnick, even started a petition demanding that the school bring me in and apologize.

"The University is aware that some people, including current students and alumni, are upset that Sheriff David Clarke's invitation to speak at the Markle Symposium was rescinded. As an institution of higher learning, we fully support free speech and value the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit Sheriff Clarke's attendance at this year's symposium, and we respect the resulting divergent reactions among the University community." read more

Is this society blonde the 'Energiser' who's been one of Bill Clinton's secret lovers for 13 years?

She always arrives in an SUV, sometimes staying for a few hours, sometimes as long as a week -- just so long as the lady of the house is away.
And, thanks to the fact that the house in question -- the palatial residence of Bill and Hillary Clinton -- is protected by a squad of U.S. Secret Servicemen who are in on the deception, the attractive, busty blonde can time her arrivals and departures to within minutes of those of Mrs Clinton.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The "Conspiracy Theory" that Obama joked about is in fact real and it may perhaps decide the outcome of this upcoming presidential election. read more


"Stop hyperventilating.
You sound ridiculous."

Not to worry, Doc...breathing right well and my BP yesterday was 111 over 60. You know, back in the day when I was spending time in the "hallowed halls," sent there by the USN, my class was assigned to write a formal paper on any subject. We had a big hippy gal in the class who wore the same jeans every day with the ass ripped out. It was before the SC ruled on Roe v. Wade but it was in the news from time to time. I really wasn't concerned much because my wife could not get pregnant anyway. This hippy gal was first to submit her finished paper and it was basically proposing that Roe v Wade was the best thing for the country since beer in a can. The female "professor" read it for the class, called it excellent in content and form and congratulated her. I had not yet chosen a subject so I decided to write a paper in rebuttal to hers. I researched Roe v Wade, interviewed many people from pro and con organizations and wrote my own paper in rebuttal. I actually become somewhat shocked in some of the provisions of Roe. I won't go into them here except to say I'd really be pissed that my minor daughter could undergo an abortion without my knowledge but they couldn't set her broken finger without my permission. Anyway, the "professor" did give me an "A" and wrote on it that she didn't agree with my position, but that it was well-written.

After Roe became law we applied for adoption and were approved and on the lists for years and were often told there were no HEALTHY infants available. We had said we'd take an infant of mixed race as we were aware of such an infant (American Indian) but they wanted it to go to someone of American Indian heritage. They had even stopped taking applications in many instances and it wasn't until years later that we were able to adopt. A long story but never mind.

SO...you can see I'm not a fan of unlimited abortion, but I'm not a zealot. I certainly believe in "medically necessary" abortion and early abortion in cases of ----------. I don't see how partial abortion requiring the death of a child can be morally condoned. If the mother doesn't want it, put it up for adoption, don't kill it. I can assure you from personal experience it won't take much to find willing parents.

P.S If you were my professor, would you have given me an "A?" :-)

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