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Monday, January 23, 2017

A new movement dedicated to countering the influence of billionaire US philanthropist George Soros has been formed in Macedonia, shortly after the leader of the main ruling VMRO DPMNE party, Nikola Gruevski, stepped up attacks against NGOs financed from abroad.
Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros moved to England in 1947 and to the US in 1956. An active philanthropist and supporter of liberal causes, his Open Society Foundations operate in about 60 countries. read more

ENID, Okla. -- One Sunday after church, Jeff Mullin and his wife were in line at the Western Sizzlin steakhouse here when a man, fists clenched, threatened to beat the hell out of him.

"My first thought was just to kind of try to keep things calm. Otherwise, it was going to be two old guys rolling around on the floor of the steakhouse, and that would be pretty unseemly," recalled Mr. Mullin, 64, the mustachioed senior writer for Enid's daily newspaper, The Enid News & Eagle.

The dispute was not personal. It was, of all things, editorial.

Mr. Mullin's red newspaper in a red county in what is arguably the reddest of states went blue this campaign season and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. The editorial board, in a gray-shaded column on Page A4 on Oct. 9, wrote that Donald J. Trump lacked "the skills, experience or temperament to hold office." The headline and subhead read: "For U.S. president: Hillary Clinton is our choice for commander in chief." read more

FBI Director James B. Comey, in his first public comments since the presidential election, said the bureau requested but was denied direct access to the Democratic National Committee's email servers and other hacked devices as part of its probe of Russian hacking.
Providing details Tuesday to the Senate intelligence committee about the bureau's investigation into Russian hacks targeting the election, Mr. Comey said the FBI made "multiple requests" for access, but ultimately a private company was the one to conduct the forensic review and then shared details about what it found with investigators. read more

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Brings great pride to elite "progressives."

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump restored the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office immediately after assuming the presidency on Friday, the most notable move in an aesthetic redecoration of the space.

Trump signed his first executive orders at the Resolute Desk before new gold curtains with a blue trim, a new sunburst-patterned carpet and new brocade couches. The Churchill bust sat on a sidetable, while the figure of Martin Luther King Jr. that former President Barack Obama had installed when he came into the White House remains next to the fireplace.


"The bit about the crowd is the least important aspect of the story, the media is egregiously practicing partisan politics and spreading malicious gossip, "

They've been doing that for decades. That's news? Now, you see what danni says..."The media is using facts and that's not fair!" You may be somewhat new to the circus here but you have to respect danni, the founder of the Danni Institute of Economics and Political Science. The tenets of the Institute are:
3.It's all the fault of Bush and Reagan!(Trump added soon.)
4.Tax the rich!
Therefore, keeping that in mind for every one of her posts it becomes clear what she's saying. For instance, when she say's "The media is using facts and that's not fair!" she's only describing "progressive," democrat media, like Huffpo, Time, Media Matters etc. If it's coming from a conservative source, especially Fox, it's AUTOMATICALLY false and fake news. You know, like Martin Luther King's bust is still in the Oval Office. Gotta be false...just ask 'em. They KNOW Trump threw it out. Danni is harmless. Hell, she still believes shwe can keep her doctor, Obamacare saves $2500 in premiums and Benghazi was caused by a video. She's persistent and CONsistent, unwaverable and nuts. BUT, we love her.

I don't really know what she meant by this: "This fool, MATTL7, won't be around here very long." Maybe she thinks she'll run you off with her great knowledge and wit. OR, maybe she thinks you'll get disgusted with her and her acolytes and leave. However, if you just adopt the attitude you come here for a little entertainment and comedy, you'll do just fine.

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