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Friday, August 26, 2016

France's top administrative court has overturned a town burkini ban amid shock and anger worldwide after some Muslim women were ordered to remove body-concealing garments on French Riviera beaches.

The ruling by the Council of State Friday specifically concerns a ban in the Riviera town of Villeneuve-Loubet, but the binding decision is expected to set a legal precedent for all the 30 or so French resort municipalities that have issued similar decrees.

Lawyers for two human rights groups challenged the legality of the ban to the top court, saying the orders infringe basic freedoms and that mayors have overstepped their powers by telling women what to wear on beaches.

Mayors had cited concern about public order after deadly Islamic extremist attacks this summer, and many officials have argued that burkinis oppress women.

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) As prescription drug prices continue to climb, some older Americans appear to be seeking an alternative to mainstream medicine, medical marijuana.

"We are seeing patients that are reporting that they are finding a medication that is meeting their needs where other medications did not," said Steph Sherer with Americans for Safe Access.

Sherer says she's encouraged to see new research published by the journal, Health Affairs. It found the number of prescriptions for painkillers dipped dramatically in states where medical marijuana is legal.

"We know that a lot of our pain patients discover when they start using cannabis not only are they able to treat the pain without as much opioids, but they also have a clarity in their life that they didn't have before," Sherer said.

The study also shows fewer prescriptions resulted in about $165 million in Medicare savings in 2013, but some experts say that figure is misleading. read more

Thursday, August 25, 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. - Four people were hurt and The Florida Mall in Orlando was evacuated Thursday when popping balloons were mistaken for gunshots in an active shooter situation, according to deputies.

Mall officials told News 6 that the scare happened as crews were setting up for the grand opening of former *NSYNC star Joey Fatone's new restaurant, Fat One's. Deputies said as part of the inspection for the grand opening, the balloon test was scheduled to be completed through a contracted vendor as part of an industry standard.

"An announcement was made on the PA system informing shoppers and employees the test would be conducted," deputies said in an email to News 6. "The test consisted of six large balloons popping consecutively, followed by a fire alarm. This caused people to go into panic mode and run." read more

Judge Milas "Butch" Hale sentenced Lee Robertson to 90 days in jail for owing the court $3,054.51 and a lawsuit has been filed against Hale for creating a debtors prison, The Huffington Post reported.

Judge in Sherwood, Arkansas is accused of running a "modern-day debtors' prison" that victimized a 44-year-old cancer patient, among others, the Huffington Post reported.

"People are doomed for failure when they appear before the court, and most significantly trapped in this never-ending cycle of expanding debt," said Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. "With the resurgence of debtors' prisons, we will continue to see people cycle in and our of jails and prisons across our country merely because of their inability to pay fines and fees tied to low-level, nonviolent offenses."

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DEVELOPING: Explosions and gunfire rang out at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Wednesday in what a police commander described as "a complex attack."

AP photographer Massoud Hossaini tweeted: "Help we are stuck inside AUAF and shooting flollowed by Explo this maybe my last tweets"

The university was established a decade ago, and claims an estimated 1,700 students are enrolled there.


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