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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bipartisan Senate leaders reached an agreement Wednesday on a long-stalled energy modernization bill that some had hoped would include money to address the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

But because the Flint provision is still the subject of a hold by Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee -- who objects to the way it is funded -- the energy bill will now move on without it. read more



When it comes to leasing federal land, the communication spectrum, companies with the leases pay for that right. I would like to see more of that done by companies that use federal property (patents in particular).

NASA and Department of Energy (DOE) are the only two agencies that, by statute, retain ownership of Subject Inventions made, with federal funding, by a large business. Executive Order 12591 only requires federal agencies to follow the BDA when contracting with large businesses to the extent permitted by law.


There are statues that clearly define the government's and contractors' role when it comes to research funded by the federal government but it seems (to me at least), that some of the budget holes in research could be partially plugged by having the companies pay for the right to commercialize that research. In my opinion, it is a big give-a-way. Another example of socialize the costs and privatize the gains.

Without a doubt, American society benefits from this research. I think we could continue to benefit even if the companies repaid some of those research dollars.

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