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Of course I'll vote for Bernie in the primary but make not mistake, I will vote for Hillary in the election if she is the nominee and anyone who doesn't will bear the responsibility for the SC appointees ...

For me, how Clinton wins the dem nomination will determine if she has my vote in the general. If she wins by gamesmanship (i.e. denying ballot access to Sanders, super delegates over ruling primary voters, etc.) she will not get my vote. If that occurs, it means she doesn't believe in the democratic process and doesn't deserve to represent the democratic party. Furthermore, if Clinton wins by "gamesmanship" and Trump is the republican nominee, I would vote for Trump because he would be so bad that it would force a reset of our electoral process i.e. short term pain for long term gain.

Our political class has lost it's way. They care more about funding their election/reelection than the needs of their constituents. Case in point: The Iran deal. All republicans announced they would not support the deal before they had even read it! Or, Schumer's and Menendez's announcement of their lack of support because they wanted the deal to do more than what it was designed to do! I think Schumer's and Menendez's lack of support is due to their funding sources i.e. Israeli sympathizers. Booker is probably under a lot of pressure as well and is hoping that enough democrats publicly announce their support so that he can deny his support. Menendez has already lost my vote. If Booker votes against the deal, he has lost my vote as well.

Rather than providing leadership, our political class has become a bunch of prostitutes, kowtowing to moneyed interests while making it seem like they care about the will of the people.

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