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Texas has become a paradise for Right-wing fanatics who want to make a statement.

Expect a bill legalizing dog fights next.

#58 | Posted by Zed

Excuse me a sec. I've lived in TX 40 of my 45 years, with the last 4 years spent living in IL, of all places. Thank God I'm back in TX to stay. But, while in IL they finally passed C/C & I took the course there simply to CMA.

Each week there I learned of a law they had that, literally, ended up making me feel as if I were very restricted in my right of Liberty. You want to talk insane, no common-sense laws, go live in the gr8 Mid-west a while.

Texas may go red, but believe me when I say, there are almost as many dems here as reps. There have always been TX haters & always will be, and I think that comes out of some weird philosophy that states shouldn't govern themselves the way they see fit, at least in most areas. And, possibly, a bit of envy for a state that doesn't have its nose following every move the fed makes. We do what's right for us as long as it makes sense. The rest of ya can continue believing the federal govt. has your best interest at heart.

Someone, anyone, please tell me how education has improved over the past 4 decades since the feds took control of it? Same goes for many ways in which states really do know how to best govern themselves.

I digress. Bottom line here is this. Fact- Violent crime has decreased across the board where C/C has been instituted. And, as one poster said, most of us will NOT be running the streets with a Glock on our hip. The law provides for doing away with the 'impression' clause and also gives lawful citizens a precious half-2 seconds if they ever do need to use their weapon. Common Sense...many of you should try it.

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