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It's evolved to some minimalist form of genocide, where family ties are sufficient to certify the death warrant.

#5 | Posted by snoofy

I didn't know there was such a thing as 'minimal' genocide, first off. Secondly, when certain countries in the ME start, properly, educating all of their citizens, rid themselves of ancient & barbaric laws and practices, get some common sense leadership (which we need too), and join the majority of the planet that prefers peace & good will to IED's & be-headings; there is no such thing as collateral damage where they're concerned.

Bunch of ignorant, racist, bigoted, fools who bastardize & blaspheme the Koran to use as a tool of death, don't deserve to be treated as human beings until they start acting like they are human, as opposed to a dumb & violent animal. Any country that harbors and advocates for viscous & violent people, or turns a blind eye to them gets zero sympathy from me.

Do you think, if the table was turned and these fanatics occupied our country for 5 or 6 years that they would conduct themselves anywhere near how our armed forces have? Yes, we had some ugly things occur from a few bad apples, which happens in any war, but the vast majority of our soldiers treated, and are treating, the people of Iraq & Afghanistan with the respect any person should be afforded times 10.

The difference between the civilized world and those I speak of is a polar opposite. The saddest part is the leaders of these countries know all of this but they're so damn ignorant & power hungry themselves, they'll never let their public in on what the rest of the world is really like. The internet is the best shot there is at ending this insanity. And there is only one bomb that could do the same.

Man, this place has gone extremely downhill & I'm wondering if that fact is tied to the horrific presidency of Obama? IMO, one of the biggest stories this week isn't even on the front page here & likely will never see it due to the center & right emptying out of this place out of sheer disgust over the true leftist here living in complete denial.

The co-founder of The Weather Channel & top Climatologist stated today that 'climate change' has been nothing but one big lie all along, with facts to back his assertion, & this place is silent on it? No liberal is outraged that Gore has made millions of dollars by simply telling a big enough lie enough times?

The most sickening part for me is the total absence of intellectual honesty that has always been a major characteristic of a liberal in the US. And the total silence on this major subject, by liberals, only adds more proof that they simply deny or refuse to discuss anything that goes against their politic belief system. Just like the disaster that has been the Obama presidency.

Even Dr. Cornell West has stated he did not vote last election because he could not vote for a war criminal. Now, he's one liberal I've always highly respected because he is an intellectual and he is honest. You tools here should take a lesson or two from Dr. West, open your eyes as I have, & come to terms with the reality that nothing will ever 'change' for the better in this country until we all, us citizens, unite & protest the fact that both major parties are, and have been, controlled by huge money.

It's time for a little revolt in the United States, which does not need to be violent at all. Otherwise, those of you who bicker back & forth on these blogs will never see one of your candidates do a single thing that will help the US be a better place for your families to come.

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