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Really? Under the best conditions even? I have no idea how I may have dealt with that situation had I come across it. Probably would have dialed 911.

However, I do know that I can hit a silhouette target, at 35 feet, one handed, rapid fire, with my 9mm handgun, and hit it with each of 16 rounds. Done it too many times. Obviously, that would not be the way to fire into this situation, and I'm not sure firing at all was a very good choice to make, regardless of the outcome. Considering it was a would-be good Samaritan & not just another banger posing as lookout.

Other things to consider. Did the shooter have a sighted in laser? Who picks up spent shells, or thinks to, in such situations? I imagine a lawful citizen, not used to shooting a person would not be able to think to pick them up after such a terrible lapse in judgment. I'd be frozen where I stood if I made such a poor decision to shoot in the 1st place, and hit the wrong person.

Would a person with a CC permit be foolish enough to fire into a wrestling match thinking his aim would be true even with a well sighted laser? I know the answer some will give, but you are entirely wrong. Also, who says the guy had a permit at all? In Texas you need only legally own a gun to carry it loaded in your car, so bringing C/C into this is moot at this point. And banger's don't care either way, obviously.

No, the more I think it out, to fire into that scene one would need to have little to no regard for who he might hit. Unless he was very close to the action, that is. If so, that points to him being with the 2 committing the crime.

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