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In response to #39 and #37...

#39 Or a history class for that matter...

#37 thoughts on the G.O.P.

-insist this is a Christian Nation and that
atheists, non-religious, and non-christian
groups comprise a small fraction of the population
(non-affiliated or non-religious at 22% of U.S.
population and growing), even though no U.S. document
writ by the Founding Fathers states specifically that
we are a "Christian Nation", and even though many who
came from Western Europe came because of religious

-have tried for years (since Roe v. Wade) to usurp
the roll of women to police their own bodies and
reproductive rights...(cough--Fascism--

-defended Big Tobacco and told us not to pay attention
to those Health Care Studies that said smoking was
dangerous for us...(Corporatist at least, if not Fascist)...

-defended Big Pharma and Big Insurance not to pay attention
to rising health care costs, and that Obamacare was bad,
evil, terrible, and would melt your brains (when indeed
Obamacare has lowered the trajectory of increasing health
care costs in the nation)...(Corporatist)

-defended and continue to defend Big Guns, and the NRA
at the expense of thousands of fatal shootings per year...

-defend and continue to defend Big Oil, Fracking, Big Timber,
Big Coal, Wall Street, Big Money, the Right to Pollute,
etc...(ALL examples of Corporatist Protectionism)

And the list goes on and on...

Defend the Confederate Flag and the right to be flat-out racist,
Defend making it harder to vote, defend Gerrymandering of
Districts to make it easier to hold on to your number of seats,
and to reduce the increasing roll of minorities...

etc., etc., etc...

Now who again are the Fascists?

Drudge Retort

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