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So not only do minorities have to accept that they'll be excluded, but they can't even form their own events and organizations where they aren't excluded.

#33 | Posted by rcade at 2014-12-30 11:15 AM | Reply | Flag:

Guess I missed that we were back in the days of minority exclusion from anything in 2014 - I'll wait for some examples.

The fact that this lady was the victim of racism was not denied by me at anytime. In fact, it was the FIRST line of my FIRST post.

The next part was to show how the times had reversed and now racism is actually appaluded and promoted for minorities by the left - the majority of this thread proves that out.

The "attack" on the black culture is something that real "progressives" should want out in the open. The white guilt that the left experiences and finds so "cute" and "en vogue" blinds the real issues that prohibit blacks from achieving success in the US.

Poor whites are a seperate issue. I don't see poor whites in Appalachia producing movies or music or music videos promoting behaviors that cause them to remain poor. Same with poor mexicans - mexican music is far from the promotion of the gratuitous and non-responsible behavior so prevalant in black entertainement (not all, but prevalant).

Call it racist if you want - call it a foaming rant - or don't call it anything and ignore the number of blacks stuck in poverty/stuck in jail/born out of wedlock.

I mean - do ANY of you liberals think that blacks (or anyone for that matter) have ANY responsibility for their own lot in life? Or are they ultimately doomed to have the US government give them handouts because of their ancestors slavery life? Is their education their responsibility or someone elses? Is their responsibility to family life theirs or someone elses?

Hide behind the guilt all you want and don't solve the problem for a large percentage of 13% of the US population.

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