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Putting a party label on the drug war is not accurate nor is it fair. The Mann Act was passed during the administration of FDR. The DEA was established by the Nixon administration. There have been several administrations of each party sense the policy of "the war on drugs" started. Nether party has done much except put people into jail for possession, or dealing. Considering the personal habits of many of the individuals who drafted these laws the hypercritical huberous is astounding. There is nothing appealing about addiction. Drug abuse is about as attractive as four day old road kill. We have had addicts with us from day one. No one who has a choice wants to deal with an addict regardless what substance they use. Addiction is the problem, not the drugs. We do not put drugs into prison, we incarcerate people.
The worse thing the progressives have done in the last 60 years is to change the standards for commitment. Now the standard is an individual must be a threat to themselves or others. Before the standard was the individual was incapable of caring for themselves. Sorry but I believe the prior standard was more humane. Of course those who disagree must approve of psychological cripples freezing to death in an alley. Before mental hospitals were renamed they were called asylums. Asylum is a word that means a place of refuge. Nice concept. Maybe we need to revisit that concept. Of course we will probity continue on this course regardless of how much damage is done. Conservatives want to look tough on crime. Progressives can't articulate a policy to oppose that. BTW, Number one cause of addiction here? Ethanol. It's legal.

Drudge Retort

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