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Hey, can't call me a chicken hawk, Actually that song was VERY popular among we troops in Iraq. You might not have heard this little ditty.

WELLCOME TO THE HOTEL CAMP FALLUJAH (Sung to the tune of Hotel Califorinia)

On this crap desert highway
Hot wind in my face
Everything smells just like low tide
Garbage all over the place
Up ahead in the distance
A dead donkey eaten by dogs
I swear there is a wire coming out of its butt
Leading over behind some logs
The food is at the FDC
Giving chocolate to the children
And then getting hit by an IED
And the freedom bird for redeployments
So far away
Wake me up it's the same ol' thing
It's "Groundhog Day"
Welcome to the hotel camp Fallujah
Were in Iraq again, but it's garrison
Living it up at the hotel camp Fallujah
They say " we'll bring the fight"
Don't turn on bright light!
Missy stood in the doorway
But you know she can't come in
So we f##ked in the shower
With camp Grizzly Gestapo
You can't win
Salsa night just got cancelled
The boys and girls can't touch
They took away the Corps Cutter too
I think that's a bit much
Can't buy clothes at the PX
Every thing is extra large
Can't get by the Ugandans
There the one's here in charge
No shower shoes out side your trailer
You'll get ---------- on your feet
No lobster tails at the DFAC2
What the hell am I suppose to eat?
Welcome to the hotel camp Fallujah
Get your grove on in the Porta-John
Plenty to do at the hotel Camp Fallujah?
Were in a combat zone,
Go get your ice cream cone
My mind must be terribly twisted,
Is she a nine or ten?
But we all know she be back to a three
when we get back states
Wait in line to check E-mail
Shouldn't log into MYSpace
Send that guy to the Corpsman
He's got some fungus on his face

We are the unwilling
Lead by the unqualified
To do the unnecessary
For the ungrateful
Some poor bastard in WWI

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