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Actually rail is more prone to a spill. As recent events in Canada have proven. Spills happen. Any time you move material from one place to another or store it in bulk, spills are a continual danger. Ever see a tank of 10,000 gallons of gasoline get hit with lightening? Quite a show. Causes of leaks in pipe lines. #1. Vandalism. Usually some idiot with a rifle. #2. Earthquakes, which BTW is a danger to rail also. #3. Corrosion. Not much of a problem with 24" and above with schedule 120,(meaning it is better than an inch thick) but the vast majority of spills occur near the well where they commonly use 4" schedule 40. Use a back hoe or drive a heavy truck or other equipment in the wrong place you will have a leak, or spill. Hell I cleaned up spills, It isn't that hard if you have a back hoe and a dump truck. We usually dumped it in a clay pit, Oil doesn't soak into hard pan clay. Also known as a hazardous waste dump site. Out here because it is very warm, the lighter elements of crude were evaporated within a year or two, the heavier oils usually degraded within 10, solids don't mater. A good indication that the oil had been metabolized was the appearance of grass and trees, especially elm. We get mesquite in those pits but that plant is so tough it can survive anything.
We carry stuff by rail that is far more dangerous than crude. Like Hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, chlorine gas and hydracyanic acid. 5000 gallons at a time, sometime with two tank cars with strong bases and acids next to each other. The Image of a terrorist with nothing but a rifle causing a much more dangerous spill than crude could ever be keeps some guys in Homeland Security awake at night. I have rail within 300 feet of my house, fortunately all I have seen is cars with coal and gasoline.

#6 | Posted by snoofy, #8 | Posted by Sycophant, Guys y'all really need to get out more, not everyone has the values or the same viewpoint as the left coast or the city that extends from Baltimore to Boston, I drove on US one and I never saw a bit of open country. Plus I understand a third of the people in the country live in that little area. You forget that I am a little l libertarian. I absolutely have no interest in making such a decision for an other. But expect change, nothing is constant and it appears that the tide is turning against abortion on demand. I practice a little sophistry to see if any one can use their brain. Sypophant, that was weak. I see more intellectualism and honest debate from the right, which I am not enameler with and the right is willing to debate, the left just wants to shut people up. With a riot as I have observed recently. Snof,"Maybe it's because the history of anti abortion legislation coincides with the dawn of the women's right movement". Actually I was there and the woman's movement started at least 4 years before abortion on demand became legal. Remember a book called The Female Eunuch, I read that in 68? The Woman's movement , first wave, legal equality. Second wave, social equality. Third wave, who the hell knows? Female superiority? Mostly what people see is an image of Trigertypuff, a fat ugly lesbian with pink hair screaming cruse words. Most women have dropped out, the movement has gotten so ugly no one want's to play anymore. The right is not stupid. Y'all really need to read stuff you do not agree with. Me, I am busy with my garden. All I want is to be left alone. Especially by the government, I have already dwelt with those guys enough. .

Yep, Medicaid is a federal program and they provide the bucks, so they can write the rules. I dislike politicians who advance themselves by trying to end abortion on demand. It's lazy politics. They do have a large pool of supporters. Most here are against abortion on demand. A good number of black people here believe that abortion is a tool to eradicate the black race in America, and they vote. The Catholics and Baptist are against it as a fundamental article of faith and they constitute over half the population. Myself, I never had to face the prospect, so I do not feel qualified to make that call.
Just a suggestion, the Orthodox Jews teach that abortion is permissible if the child endangers the life of the mother and before the beginnings of a heart beat. Those aborted with profound defects are considered an act of euthanasia, such as a badly wounded soldier where his survival is hopeless.. Not permitted, but forgivable. (BTW, that was a common practice during the time the Bible was written- I was curious why that issue was not covered).
#2 | Posted by Sycophant- Nope, it isn't stupid in Texas to say you are against abortion if you want to hold office. Outside of Austin, Dallas and Houston being pro-life is a requirement, not an option. BTW,Why is it that if you are a liberal/progressive, anyone who disagrees with you is stupid? Questioning the intelligence of your opposition is not an argument. It is abandoning reason and any critical thinking. Usually, those who hurl insults, have already lost the argument.

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