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For the red legs out there, I have a St. Barbra. I hold the MOSs of 13E and 13F. People seriously underestimate the power of artillery. Unlike aircraft is "on station" 24 hours a day. It can deliver 45 to 100 pound projectiles every minute. A 105 can be fired 10 times in one minute by any crew. A good crew on a 155 can fire 4 times in the same amount of time. Can't do that for long, the tubes get too hot. I have seen a 155 battery burn up 800 rounds in a day, that is forty tons of ordinance and they barely broke a sweat. The same would require 10 sorties by most aircraft. Military power on any battlefield is defined by indirect fire. Unlike the movies there is no warning of a round coming. With out a RAP, a 155 can send a round about 16 miles. I believe that eventually some bug eye will get hold of a 105, refurbish it and make some ammo. It ain't rocket science. Anyone with a good machine shop and a collage level knowledge of chemistry could do so. The bubble in Washington can stop aircraft, gun men, VBIEDs, but about the only counter measure for artillery is your own artillery. Unfortunately because of the time of flight a gun could get 12 rounds off before the first round from yours could get to it. They have lasers that can detonate a projectile in flight, by unfortunately that system does not have much endurance. I can see why the Secret Service has a stressful job. If security at the White House can worry, think how vulnerable any other place is. Security is at best a relative term.

Drudge Retort

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