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#40 | Posted by rcade "best orator sense Regan", who did not need a teleprompter to speak, Obama sounds shrill and shallow without one. He did write the "Audacity of Hope", which has been panned as a weak political tract. "Dreams of My Father" was probity a collaborative effort between him and Billy Ares, his good terrorist buddy. Evidence is word usage, style, and availability. Where was Billy when that book was being wrote? What has BHO accomplished that is positive? Nothing. We are more divided, poorer, more violent, the military has been emasculated, more in debt. Real unemployment hovers at about 20%, Real inflation is about 8 to 10% a year, and the buying power of the average family falls about 5% a year. Obama has built a hell of a legacy. White people are angry. That is more dangerous than all the angry black men that the country can muster. We don't like to talk about "white power", but it exists. Maybe middle class and poor white guys are fatigued to the point of rage being the scapegoat for the actions of black savages. If the white community gets a cold, the black community gets pneumonia.
Most of the murder, armed robberies, assaults and felony crime are committed by 7% of the population. Hint, they are not melanin deficient. Actually that number is about 3%, Men over 30 and under 16 seldom commit violent crime.
The attitude of the left during this election reminds me a lot of the same dream like state when McGovern was running. Or Walter Mondale, you might remember how those elections came out. The Country is a lot bigger than the Tri-State Area or LA. Does a fish notice that they are in water? Does a liberal notice that they are in a self made bubble? Nationally, today Trump has moved about 5% ahead of Clinton. Her past is finally catching up with her. Hillery is like a slug, she leaves a trail of corruption behind her every where she goes.

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