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#10 | Posted by donnerboy,#9 | Posted by SpeakSoftly, So how how has your big government solutions worked so far? Lead in pipes? Maybe if the local government was held to account this might not happen at all. Right now what we have now is such a patch work of responsibilities no one is directly responsible. It is always some others fault. As far as Flint, Democrat mayor and city council, County supervisors, all democrats, state water board, democrats too. Who's to blame? The only Republican in the loop, the governor. Environmental protection, Right now the EPA is a joke, what businesses fear are the state enforcement agencies. In Texas it is the Railroad Commission. No one plays around with those guys. In Washington State they had a very aggressive agency. I had to deal with them, as I was in charge of a motor pool with over 150 pieces of heavy equipment. I never saw the EPA, but I saw the state inspectors regularly. I knew that I could spend time in jail if I falsified a report or did a dump of anything. The only time I saw the EPA was in Arizona during a road project on the border, they were staying in tents and collecting per dium and eating our food,(defrauding the government). Maybe state regulators motivated by the income generated by large fines do a better job than a huge bureaucracy that never gets out to the field to inspect anything. As far as being born to an uneducated family, like Abe Lincoln? Henry Ford? Edison? Most of our great minds have been self educated. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin never spent a day in a class room. The two richest men in America dropped out of collage early. Education is what you learn after you finish school. What we need is to instill a desire to learn, and provide the skill set to be able to learn. .

Drudge Retort

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