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What Mr, Huang taught me about Buddhism.(He was a 70+ YO retired Buddhist priest who I shared lunch a few times a week in 1999.
1. If you set too long on a hard wooden floor meditating, you get hemorrhoids.
2. Water is wet.
3. Fire is hot.
4. Ice is cold.
4. You have no power to change the nature of anything.
5. Pain springs from desire.
6. Desire springs forth from a perceived need.
7. Nothing happens by chance.
8. A simple happy man is closer to Nirvana than the most disciplined stoic.
9. Nothing is permanent on this world.
10. To show compassion is to rise above you current plain of existence.
11. Be careful in what you do, your actions will be judged by results, not intent. Karma is a bitch.
12. You are infinitely privileged to be alive. Take advantage of your situation and grow. As long as you realize that you actually know nothing, you are truly green. Green things grow.
13. The which diminishes you is what the Christians call sin.
14. That which alleviates suffering, is payment for a debt.(good works can cancel Karma debt)
15. If you do not love others at every opportunity, your life is pointless.
16. All prayer is heard.

I could go on, but my first year in Korea expanded my mind. I heard about how they diagnose sin by the ugly three, The ----, the snake, and the boar. Or it doesn't really mater if the life of Buddha ever really happened or not. I have never read a book about Buddha, saw a youtube video once. Read a book, "The saying of the Buddha", which I stole from a motel room in Japan. Best of all, I could love Jesus and practice the discipline. At least that is what I was taught by Mr. Lee Huang. I apologize to any Buddhist out there if I misunderstood what he was trying to teach me, remember he only had a couple of hundred hours, which is not much in the scheme of things. If I got it wrong, the fault is mine.

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