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"Repetition of the same ridiculous trolling does not make it so. No strawman no false analogy just reason you cannot counter."

Projection. You have not even offered an argument....

"there is only one reasonable answer and it is absolutely not."

You just repeat this over and over and over. No argument, no evidence, just the same baseless assertion. You can call it "obvious" all you want.

"Are there other ways to ingest food? obviously hence the analogy is apt."

Not good enough. Your initial comparison was "do spoons make people fat?" The only way for that comparison to be apt would be if spoons were a preferable mechanism for those wishing to become fat amidst a dirth of other preferable mechanisms. Such is not the case. Hence, you have made a false analogy.

"And yes focusing on a tool devides attention therefore reduces the effect on the cause."

Unsubstantiated assertion. Care to try again?

"And as we can easily see the cause has nothing to do with a chunk of metal."

Unsubstantiated assertion.

"Many tools exist and dispute your odd description of their use there is no substance in a claim that a lost tool prevents the action when there us a plethora of other methods that are just as easy."

Assumes a premise not previously demonstrated (that there are other methods just as easy) and ignores aspects of the argument (it is not simply that guns are easy but also that they are fast, reliable, and honorable as means of suicide). Please support your position and address the other aspects of the argument.

"Funny thing is you missed the only real argument your position has which would be the spur of the moment suicides. They are a very small percentage but there actually is a chance that without a gun that instant they may not act."

I would not say I missed them. They fit into my broader suggestion that guns are an attractive means if suicide without which certain persons would not commit suicide.

that inanimate objects are only considered to be a cause by people who do not understand the word or by those who legitimately have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality."

Strawman and unsupported in any case.
Suicides are a product of depression and personal struggle."

Unsupported assertion.

momentum and effort divided reduce impact."

Correction: attacking a problem from multiple angles increases impact. You are the one ruling out a potentially life saving approach to the problem of suicides for no good reason.
there is a problem with suicide and the solution has nothing to do with the method chosen."

Unsupported assertion.
an assumption that your reasoning regarding the choice and outcome is not grounded in reality and is unsupported by data, specifically when comparing the methods used by women vs men."

At least you admit that this is yet another unsupported assumption on your part.
you are just trolling and I am wasting my time explaining the obvious."

Correction: you have no argument to offer in response to my points. Your various assertions can be dismissed.

"I know that the only reason you voted for Barack Obama was because he was black."

Projection? How telling! But not as telling as....

"Can't be because of his experience--he didn't have any."

Your inability to see the qualifications of a person of color is downright pathological! A US senator, activist, community organizer, gifted constitutional law scholar at some of the finest academic institutions in the US. But he was unqualified. As any person of color would be to you, at least compared to a white alternative.

"That's a tried-and-true way liberals have of disparaging any critic of him, at any time."

And here we have the racist's perennial persecution complex. If only those pesky minorities would keep silent and allow themselves to be oppressed without even a word of protest.

"I'm an American living in Asia. There are fewer white people living within 1000 miles of me, than within a 10 minute drive of your house."

Plenty of people for you to hate nearby, then. It must be hard to act out, since you are outnumbered. That probably explains your presence on this forum.

"I've dated more women of color, than there are people of color that you have voted for."

People of color are underrepresented in politics throughout the West, true. I fail to see how this magically means that you are not a racist.

"I have done business with more people of color, than have ever even served you in restaurants."

Again, this does not mean that you are not a racist. It is, in fact, just the sort of defense racists use: "I have black friends! They even laugh at my racist jokes!"

"You're probably a typical stupid, white American liberal whose only experience with people from other races is setting your DVR on to record the Grammy's, and in the last two elections when you got to slap yourself on the back for voting for Obama. Good for you. Your medal is in the mail."

That is the difference between you and me: you can only speculate. But I, I have read your posts. I know that you are a bigot because your posts are those of a bigot. You can cry foul about my pointing that out, but it changes nothing, not any more than all the assertions in the world about friends and girlfriends and business partners.

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