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"You did 2 things, both intellectually dishonest.
1. You sought to control the language - "Civil disobedience" (talk about a conflicted term) means ONLY what you say it means."

Nope. You are the one who introduced the term. Look at my original post: I simply pointed out that your "existing laws rule" nonsense was excluded a certain sort of activism (exemplified by the civil rights movement). You are the one who tried tot air that simple point and introduce a terminological debate.

"2. You erected straw men - you cited examples of civil disobedience that broke the law (at the time) and then wrongly proclaimed that I had no knowledge of these incidents - which is false."

You certainly weren't demonstrating knowledge of such things... your initial claim was that laws should be followed until they are changed. I pointed out that this would exclude a lengthy and important history of activism. You responded with the bizarre comment that I was "conflating civil disobedience and lawbreaking," which suggested you were not aware that the movement I referenced incorporated lawbreaking into its method.

"My point, which you are so trying to avoid, is that your post-modern equivalence between Jim Crow laws and Immigration laws are an absurd attempt at equivalence."

Again, how so? You made a claim that the difference is that Jim Crow laws were "obviously unconstitutional" and I responded with three reasons why this is not a satisfactory answer. You have not responded to any of these three points.

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