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I feel I can speak for Texans when I say, we really don't give a flying blank what anyone does....

You have GOT to know that you cannot speak for Texans. Right here on this board, you've got Zed and Aflac. 2 Texans that couldn't be more diametrically opposed on every single possible issue out there. And to a lesser extreme, you've got Goat and myself... 2 others on very different sides of issues.

I've been in Texas for most of my 41 years, and no, MANY MANY MANY *do* give a flying blank what everyone else does (just like everywhere else the human population decides to settle down).

I believe the biggest mistake by the SCOTUS this past week was, not being wise enough to even out some of their decisions, as opposed to giving O everything he wanted...

Why is gay marriage something "O" wanted? Hell, he just "evolved" on it like a frickin year ago. This certainly was NOT his fight. And to give him any credit/blame for it is ridiculous. I don't know any gay people who have credited Obama for this.

As for your last part there about trying to even-out decisions... wtf does that mean? If a referee makes a bad call in a game, the last F'ing thing I want that idiot to do is make a bad call on the other team to "even it out". SCOTUS doesn't do that. Nor should they. If they did, why don't we just advance to coin-flipping?

Heck, you know I'm right anyway about the steady build up of unease that's been taking place in the country.

Nope. There is no steady build up of unease. There has been CONSTANT unease since this country was founded. There are many examples of this throughout history. The founding fathers bickered amongst themselves constantly. Many citizens here actually still wanted to be under the King's rule. The North was not 100% all for equality and freeing slaves. The same Bible passages were used to both call for an end to slavery as well as defend it.

I understand what you're saying, and the point you're trying to make. I don't agree with it. George Wallace stood in front of the schoolhouse, blocking entry. He had enough of that government "forcing" him to do things too. And then he fucking moved out of the fucking way because he HAD to.

So will these idiots.

All this back and forth arguing about polls and what they mean is useless. It's always the same--- this poll is right, that one is wrong, and, when all of them disagree with your desires then they ALL must be skewed. It's beyond ridiculous.

Here's the thing Sal. I'm not going to argue with you about polling. I don't give a crap about what the majority of the people answering polls say. Poll after poll says that Americans don't like the TSA and the Patriot Act. It's here to stay. Poll after poll show we don't like the NSA spying on us. It's not going anywhere. Poll after poll show Americans want our military out of the ME. We're not going to stop.

ACA is here to stay for the foreseeable future. You're right-- I don't like every bit of it either. I want single-payer and that would probably piss you off even more than ACA. But here's the thing. True single-payer would be my #1 choice. ACA isn't necessarily my 2nd choice, but the way it USED to be prior to ACA is so down on the friggin list that ACA might as well be 2nd until someone suggests and designs something better. Will it be you? I doubt it. Will it be a republican? Probably not. Will it be as good as single-payer? Not a chance.

It's been upheld twice now by SCOTUS. It has been voted to repeal 50 times and never had a 1% chance of that getting anywhere. The electoral college map looks terrible for repubs right now, and the Senate majority looks to be short-lived (and even if not, a super majority is well beyond the realm of possibility). ACA isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You're standing in the middle of a drained pool waiting for the tide to come back.

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