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"Trump has fostered a hostile moment in our politics when his supporters feel entitled to racially denigrate others."

Well when the federal government has refused to do anything about illegal immigration for decades, and continues to flood the nation with legal immigrants, what do you expect? When my town, in middle America, of 25,000 people has 4 mexican grocery stores, and 7 mexican restaurants what do expect? When other towns are inundated with refugees, illegals, and legal immigrants it is only natural, and RATIONAL, for people to become fearful of a dramatic shift in the native culture (any other rationale culture or nation would).

Not all cultures are created equal, and it takes time for people to assimilate; but there is no need to assimilate anymore. Don't speak english, fine we will print a voting ballot or a drivers license test in your language.

Democrats, the liberal media and education system bash white people, christians, and males at every turn; some out of hatred and others out of self-loathing (neglecting the privilaged lifestyle that white male christians have provided for everyone in the country via the post WWII technological boom). Republicans and modern conservatives do scarcely better; they are weak, ineffectual, effeminate.

I do not promote hatred or violence against others, but it not hard to see why Trump has the supporters he does, I sympathize with them. This country is lost, and Hillary will be the final nail in the coffin leading to an all-powerful federal government that will begin an era of tyranny and mass enslavement that will last far beyond her presidency. Eventually, this will lead to civil war, no doubt it is coming, if socialist/communist ideals continue to propagate through society.

So, in the minds of a trump voter, a vote for trump is vote to end the tyranny of the federal government and the continued degradation of the American culture. This is why they are angry, and they have every right to be angry.

Sorry Mr. Gomez, if a few people take it out on you, that's unfortunate and illogical; but have some journalistic integrity and assess why they act the way they do, and maybe you will see some truth.

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