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Your problem is: You don't have a compassionate alternative to counter to what you call "indentured servitude." You'd just kick them off the plantation and see if they sink or swim. How is that an improvement for anything but your short-term tax bill? (I say short term because the long term costs of the unfit people withering and dying will be measured in pounds, while prevention is measured in ounces.)

#285 | Posted by snoofy at 2014-06-13 04:43 PM | Reply | Flag:

If a family, for 3 generations has been on some form of government assistance, that means for 3 generations other people have had money taken from them, forcibly by the government , to subsidize the living of said family. My compassion at this point, is for the taxpayer, the middle class.

Why do I have to be compassionate? Who are to define compassion for me? Who are you to tell me what level and degree of compassion I need to have towards my fellow man?

Honestly, if some family for 3 generations has been subsidized by the government (they may still work), I say sink or swim. Fear is an excellent motivator. In kicking them of the government payroll they may find a inner strength they never knew they had. Save the tax dollars for those that truly need it, like the honestly disabled or elderly.

It seems democrats have this tendency to view the poor as all the same, and never realize many people are poor because of their own bad decisions (I know this first hand) And yes, some on the right tend to think people are poor because they are lazy; which is true sometimes but not always.

The conservative rubes have very short memories. In the final months of the Bush-Cheney-GOP recession the USA was hemorrhaging 700,000++ jobs per month, Now under the Kenya born, Socialist-Communist-Marxist Muslim dictator HUSSEIN Obama we have had 53 months of private sector job growth, and a reduction of 710,000++ public sector jobs (something the right-wing loons have been calling for 80 years

#4 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2014-06-09 09:49 PM | Reply | Flag

Sammy, you are an partisan IDIOT. Here is why,

1) Neither Bush or Obama have any direct control over who gets fired or hired in the private sector. This is not, yet, a communist country.

2)RUBES like you make illogical associations between the sitting president and the current economic situation. Obama can not create private sector jobs, but he can retard economic growth by increasing regulations (which he has done).

3) Only a simple-minded fool blames Bush for the sub-prime market/derivatives disaster. For your education purposes, I will inform you that there another branch of government called the legislator or congress. They wrote and passed the laws that allowed the sub-prime disaster to occur, they are also supposed to also be overseeing such financial enterprises


The kicker is BOTH parties screwed the American people (probably on purpose)

4) If you bother to read the article you find that the majority of the government jobs decline is in the state and local governments.

Your welcome sammy, I devoted more time to you than you deserve, but hey, I am all about love (trying to be at least).

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