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#34 | Posted by danv

#35 | POSTED BY DONNERBOY AT 2016-07-11 07:27 PM | REPLY
For example more food safety spurs consumer confidence. Over regulation can stall job growth. ---Yes because the government is constantly removing regulations

Taxes revenues and tax returns spur consumer confidence. Tax returns tend to increase consumer spending and tax revenues help balance budgets which fully fund programs which also increases consumer confidence. = really, so giving money stolen from paychecks back to the people causes economic growth, seriously?

Creating demand for goods and services spurs job growth = that doesn't even make sense
Interest rates affect job growth (set by the Feds) = The Fed is a group of uncontrolled private banks with no oversight
Policies such a green energy promote job growth in some areas (but may negatively affect jobs in the gas and oil industry) = so it doesnt really create more jobs, just shifts them, assuming an even parity exists.
Government hiring and purchases = tax dollars from private sector, again hurting the economy

Infrastructure investments = justified use of tax dollars, I will give that one
Compensation programs = more tax dollars from private sector
Subsidies = more tax dollars from private sector
Federal hiring credits = more tax dollars from private sector

War affects job growth (obviously) = again more tax dollars
Sometimes just the mood of our leaders can affect consumer confidence = please spare me
Events such as Brexit have an effect (in this case negative) on private sector job growth. = that's not our government, but fair enough
There are many others but that should give you something to chew on.

The federal government and congress have only a minor effect on actual private sector job growth, and by your own testimony, all the government does is take money out of the private sector to build more bureaucracy, war, and regulations. Hence the federal government hinders job creation more than it helps it.

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