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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Citizens for Tax Justice: All Americans pay taxes. Everyone who works pays federal payroll taxes. Everyone who buys gasoline pays federal and state gas taxes. Everyone who owns or rents a home directly or indirectly pays property taxes. Anyone who shops pays sales taxes in most states. The nation's tax system is barely progressive. Those who argue that the wealthy are overtaxed focus solely on the federal personal income tax, while ignoring the other taxes that Americans pay. But, as the table [at the link] illustrates, the total share of taxes (federal, state, and local) that will be paid by Americans across the economic spectrum in 2014 is roughly equal to their total share of income.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To date, Iran is the only country in the region actually fighting against Islamic State on both fronts, the one in Syria defending Bashar Assad's government, which Iran has supported since the beginning of the uprising in Syria, and the other front in Iraq opposing the Sunni Islamic State. On the face of it, this suggests that a strategic alliance of Iran with the United States might benefit both. read more

The Western opposition to Russian- speakers in Ukraine seeking the right to some form of autonomy has been extraordinary. Few of our politicians and commentators would even think of condemning the moves in Scotland, Catalonia or Quebec seeking independence, or the many moves to autonomy based on cultural, language or historical differences within the EU nations. Even nations without such differences, such as the U.S. or Australia, see the federation of partly self-governing units as a better form of government. read more


Bailey's owner, Steve Baker, told The Galveston County Daily News ( bit.ly ) that everyone was telling him to sue White but that he didn't because it wouldn't bring Bailey back and the police declared her dogs dangerous.

Now would be the time to put in a counter suit and not be the good guy. This woman is obviously bottom of the barrel and I hope that a judge will take one look at this and throw her case out and allow his counter-suit to go through.

Are you nuts? This is not a libertarian solution. If the Libertarians had their way, this would just be an unfortunate accident. There would be no court. He would have committed no safety regulations violation or any crime. The little people might be able to sue him. But good luck with that. This guy would pay a little cash and keep going. He would call it the cost of doing business.

#23 | Posted by Sycophant at 2014-11-16 06:04 PMFlag: | Newsworthy 1

This post just goes to show that you guys have absolutely no clue what libertarianism is and are going off the complete and utter nonsense that you probably read on some website.

Personal responsibility is a one of the major tenants of libertarianism. A CEO of a company is responsible on all fronts and no, he is not excused from responsibility when his company commits gross negligence that leads to the deaths of his workers.

The fact that people have the gall to even say this when under the current system, CEO's skirt responsibility all the time for gross fraud that leads to loss of life, finances and many other things for individuals. The current system is what even created the so called corporate entity that somehow has a mind of its own where everyone that works for it is just a mindless piece to the puzzle.

The problem with this case is it was probably just too glaring for them to ignore like they do 99%. How many people died in the BP oil spill and how many have been charged so far? What about deaths in clinical trials, how many have been ever charged for misstatement of the facts in the resultant deaths?

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