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Did you actually read the Wells report? What is the evidence that Brady was specifically mad about the inflation of the balls after the Jets game? He just says, "these game balls suck". Do you realize that new balls are slippery, the laces sometimes have a waxy feel to them and they can feel differently every time you pull one out? We used to take our balls to the sidelines and beat them up before the games.

These text messages are conjecture, at best. For all we know, these equipment guys are just pissed at Brady for bitching at them about the feel of the ball. Moreover, multiple referees handle the balls after every single play. If there was a blatant & persistent deflation issue, as you suggest, wouldn't it be highly likely that the refs (who touch the ball on every play of the game) would notice it? Were the balls that were used in the Patriots Super Bowl win inflated properly? If they were, wouldn't that negatively affect Brady's performance...since he obviously was only used to a certain inflation level? The answer is no...it wouldn't and didn't.

I get that people hate success. It drives some folks nuts, and they are likely to latch onto anything that provides evidence of some systemic cheating. Personally, I hope Brady is suspended for at least the first game since they play my Steelers on opening night. Other than that specific bias, this is being blown completely out of proportion.

I am just amazed that people aren't more up in arms over the sheer volume of Steroid Abuse by the Seattle Seahawks. That, in my opinion, is a much bigger threat to the integrity of the game than some air being let out of the ball. But, I don't hate success...so maybe I am in the minority.

There is cheating and there is gamesmanship. It seems that a lot of non Patriot fans are pretty upset. Success does create resentment. I can certainly understand liberals hating the success of Brady and Belichik, but this is such an overblown story. Here are some other stories you probably aren't aware of.

How many Seattle Seahawks players have tested positive for PED's since 2011?
- Answer: 6


What were the Bronco's doing in the late 90's when they won back to back Super Bowl's?
- Answer: They were knowingly violating the salary cap. It cost them a $ 1 million fine and a 3rd rd draft pick, but we didn't have 24/7 NFL coverage back then...so people forget


What strategy did the Atlanta Falcons use when opponents had the ball (home games).

- Answer: They piped in extra noise


The Indianapolis Colts turned up the heat in their old stadium when playing at home.

- I actually heard Bill Polian admit to this on NFL Radio

Has anyone on this site ever been at the bottom of a pile up in football? I have. You get fingers twisted, spat on, scratched. I had a guy turn my ankle and I had to leave the game. That is what happens in football. You look for an advantage.

If letting air out of the ball was such an advantage, how did the Patriots score 28 points in the 2nd half...after the balls were adjusted? There is cheating that affects the outcome of a game (stealing signs), and there is gamesmanship that occurs every week to try and get an advantage.

The Pete Rose comparison is not even close. Pete Rose managed a baseball team. While managing that team, he placed bets on his own team. Translation: he had the ability to determine the outcome of the game, and personally benefit from it.

The NFL has done a wonderful job of making their sport a 24/7/365 day business. They have also done a horrible job of handing out appropriate punishment over the years. Wife beaters are OK, but a little air out of the ball is cause for absolute panic.

I don't even like the Patriots, but this is such an overblown story. It will ultimately go to an Independent Review board and the penalty will be adjusted down. That will drive people even more insane.

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