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A below average President at best...indeed. Obama is one of the most gifted orators in recent memory, but he is a horrible leader. I do realize the liberal elites live in an imaginary world, so this article isn't completely shocking. Obama and Hillary "feel good", just like watching a good movie. Problem is, you eventually leave the theatre and get back to reality. Libs don't ever realize they left the theatre. They think the movie is real.

Obama's top 10. Google these if you need proof. I actually work for a living and am doing this off the top of my head.

1. Underemployment, and those that have left the workforce (no longer even looking for work) is at record highs. Underemployment is at nearly 50% of the workforce.
2. The Middle East was fairly stable in 2009. Eight years later, and it is in complete ruin.
3. Obamacare was passed without a single Republican voting for it. Even moderate Republicans understood how dangerous it was. Name one other major legislation passed with no bi-partisan support. This is the reason that it will ultimately fail.
4. Obamacare promised things like keeping your Doctor and lower premiums. None of those are accurate. In fact, it has had a negative impact on employment.
5. ISIS was hatched and has grown under Obama. Yet, he still has no strategy for confronting them.
6. Race relations are at an all time low. Obama was supposed to be the great uniter. Instead, he has taken sides on many issues without even knowing the facts. As a result, blacks are now murdering cops and there doesn't seem to be any endgame with this issue.
7. Americans believe we are heading in the wrong direction. 70% of Americans believe this!! How can any objective writer look at that and then say, "he might be one of the best ever". Delusion knows no bounds.
8. Relationships with key allies are worse. Britain, Israel, Russian Reset
9. 113 Americans have been killed by Radical Islamists, on American soil since Obama took office. If you remove 9/11 as an outlier, that is more than Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton & Bush COMBINED. Yet, he still can't call them by their name.
10. QE has led to record low interest rates, which has propped up the stock market. Eventually, there is going to be a big crash. There are billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines that Obama has not figured out how to get back into the economy.

I can list more, but need to pay bills.

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