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I'll summarize what happened before & on 9/11. This is clearly the case, because I read it on the internet.

1. Bush/Cheney hired some engineers to place explosives in the lower part of the twin towers. Even though thousands of people worked in those buildings, the "hush" money paid to all involved was immense. As a result, we can't get any of those involved (or who might have seen something) to come forward. The security folks working the building were clearly paid off or killed on that day.

2. Bush/Cheney hired some terrorists, or at least some folks who were willing to kill themselves to learn how to fly jet airliners. Of course, there is no way they could have learned this from a flight simulator...so they had to be very experienced pilots. Pay-offs to the family did the trick! Cheney even sent a reminder text to use box-cutters in order to get through security. Full disclosure: I can't verify that Cheney actually sent the text, but my friend's brother read it on some website that sounds legit.

3. After spending days in meetings with structural engineers, Bush/Cheney were able to surmise that the intense fires created by the crash would not be enough to collapse the building. However, the ensuing chaos would allow for the explosives to be detonated at the exact time that those "union loving" firefighters were ascending the stairs. Since the engineers placed the explosives quite precisely, the building was able to collapse straight down. It maximized the damage and prevented the rescue of any evidence of this diabolical scheme.

4. Bush/Cheney were able to review the airline manifest to ensure that the passengers on the initial flights would be unable to compromise the mission. Unfortunately, the 4th flight didn't go as planned. The person who was in charge of coordinating the details of that flight (Stefan Jablonski) mysteriously died on Nov. 31st, 2001.

5. Bush/Cheney were able to use hush money and death threats to any member on the "inside" who leaked any of this super secret info. This included several prominent democrats who have since retired and continue to remain quiet on this matter. This is why we have heard nothing from those involved. They are either dead or paid off! Remember, the 3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon?? Now we know where the money went!

6. The ultimate goal of all of this was to put money in the pockets of Bush/Cheney and their oil loving friends, by going to war in the Middle East. It didn't matter that these men already had millions in the bank, they wanted more. They were willing to kill thousands of good, innocent Americans to line their pockets.

This is truly what happened. You have a choice to either accept this as true, or live in some type of fantasy world where reality doesn't truly register.

The choice is yours

Drudge Retort

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