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Customer service is very much a SKILLED job. Here's the difference:

Skilled: "Excuse me... where can I find product X?" "Here, let me show you where it is...."

Unskilled: "Excuse me... where can I find product X?" *Doesn't even look at customer* "It's over there...." *points vaguely and goes on with what he was doing*

Some people weren't born to go to school. It doesn't fit the way their brains work. However, we no longer identify and differentiate between these types of people. Everyone is supposed to grow up and be a scholar... well newsflash.. some people have gatherer/hunter brains. These are the people that belong in trade/vocational schools. Packing them up to go off to college and get student loans they'll never repay once they drop out of college isn't helping anyone.

However, having an active vocational counselor in every school and identifying those kids would benefit society and those children greatly. I'm not talking high school... I'm talking elementary school. Find those kids that work that way. Get them into "hands on" classes specialized for that kind of work.

Think that's degrading? go ask the guy that fixes Jaguars how degraded he feels. Go ask the guy that remodels mansions how degraded he feels. Labor is an important part of our society and without quality skilled laborers we fall short on many fronts. Why are we settling for less? All people deserve a chance... but we're only willing to give it to those people with a "degree" from "universities" that are more and more becoming rubber stamp clubs for people that go through the motions.

Drudge Retort

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