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If there are so few jobs, why are Americans waiting for illegals to take those jobs?
It's not that they necessarily take those jobs. It's that they increase the unskilled worker pool creating a greater supply which drives down wages.

There are minimum wage laws. The only jobs illegals can get is if they are hired by your "job creators". Why aren't you focused on those rich jerks instead of a man trying to feed his family The only wages that will go down are for the illegals.

Stretching our health care system? NAW--chances are they have a single payer system in their home country already.

A vast majority of the people entering our country illegally are doing so at our southern border and they are coming from Mexico and Central America. I could be wrong but I don't think any of those countries have a single payer healthcare system.

Your ignorance is showing. Mexico has a single payer system in place. So does Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago. Add in Argentina Brazil,Chile, Columbia, and Peru.

My issue is all of the unintended consequences. It incentivizes out-of-wedlock birth. It creates dependency. It weakens the self-esteem of the recipient. It creates a sense of unearned entitlement. It fosters sociological and cultural problems.

Right-wing nutjobs opposition to birth control, abortion, and sex education is the main reason for such births--not a few extra dollars in the welfare check as an incentive. Unearned entitlement? They don't get to eat unless they "earn" the right in your eyes? Say that again when you are hungry and out of a job. See if it fosters sociological and cultural problems for you.

Drudge Retort

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