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Monday, July 20, 2015

Management won't sell to non English speakers.

What does Donald Trump think war is like? On Saturday, he was onstage at the Family Leadership Summit, in Iowa, with the Republican strategist Frank Luntz, railing against John McCain for having told my colleague Ryan Lizza that he, Trump, had "fired up the crazies," when Luntz tried to slow him down by noting that McCain was a war hero. "He's not a war hero," Trump said. As Luntz attempted to remind him why, indeed, McCain was -- "Five and half years in a Vietnamese prison camp!" -- Trump added, "He's a ‘war hero' because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured."

He repeated the distinction Monday morning in a phone call to the "Today" show, shouting at Matt Lauer about how he'd been misquoted (he hadn't been) and how "we don't talk about the people that weren't captured, and that's what I was trying to refer to. And I think I did." read more

Thursday, July 16, 2015

She called a bondsman before she turned up dead in a Texas jail cell and also spoke of depression and PTSD.
Before she was found dead of apparent suicide in a Texas jail cell, Sandra Bland called a bail bondsman hoping to get out.

"I talked to her when she first went to jail," Joe Booker of Hempstead told The Daily Beast on Thursday. "I called her mother for her."

Booker then hung up and didn't respond to further requests for comment. read more

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

35 facts about income inequality in America.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A mouthful of missing teeth. Chronic pain all over the body. Unrelenting weakness in joints and muscles. Even death. Those were some of the claims that Dr. Farid Fata's victims heaped upon him at his sentencing trial this week for administering at least 2,000 unnecessary chemotherapy treatments. read more


Trump's lawyer then changed tactics, lobbing insults and threatening a lawsuit if a story was published.
"I will make sure that you and I meet one day while we're in the courthouse. And I will take you for every penny you still don't have. And I will come after your Daily Beast and everybody else that you possibly know," Cohen said. "So I'm warning you, tread very ------- lightly, because what I'm going to do to you is going to be ------- disgusting. You understand me?"

"You write a story that has Mr. Trump's name in it, with the word ‘rape,' and I'm going to mess your life up… for as long as you're on this frickin' planet… you're going to have judgments against you, so much money, you'll never know how to get out from underneath it," he added.

When Lost Tycoon was about to be printed, Donald Trump and his lawyers provided a statement from Ivana, which was posted on the first page of the book. In it, Ivana confirms that she had "felt violated" and that she had stated that her husband had raped her during a divorce deposition. But Ivana sought to soften her earlier statement.

"During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me," the Ivana Trump statement said. "[O]n one occasion during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage. As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,' but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense."

The statement, according to a "Notice to the Reader" in the book, "does not contradict or invalidate any information contained in this book."

For those saying she didn't say it was rape... He is threatening her.

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