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Thursday, September 22, 2016

An Iowa man was arrested last night for allegedly measuring his penis with a cardboard ruler while at a urinal inside a college library bathroom. read more

A Seattle man who was waiting to register as a sex offender began pleasuring himself in the lobby of a county office building. A sheriff's employee spotted Hardison standing at a desk area "and repeatedly turning his head back to look at her." The civilian worker told cops that Hardison had his back to her while he was "moving his hips and his arm in an odd fashion." read more

Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Arizona yoga instructor accused of letting boys as young as 11 fondle her breasts at a bar mitzvah party was acquitted of all charges on Wednesday, court officials said.

Lindsey Ann Radomski, 33, was found not guilty of 18 misdemeanor charges in Scottsdale, Arizona, city court stemming from the incident involving seven boys at a suburban Phoenix home in March 2015.

The six-member jury deliberated for three hours before issuing the not guilty verdict on 10 counts of public sexual indecency and indecent exposure following a seven-week trial, officials said. read more

Friday, September 09, 2016

The East Liverpool Police Department in Ohio released photos on its Facebook page of a man and woman who appeared to be passed out in a vehicle with a young boy in the backseat.

When officers responded to a report of an incapacitated driver on Wednesday, they found the woman unconscious and the man's speech was unintelligible. He also "had pin point pupils."

"They give you water if you're thirsty and feed you if you're hungry," says Kaplan, a five-time veteran of the festival and a West Village-based entrepreneur and yoga enthusiast who declines to give her age. "Some people will dance for 18 straight hours."

But today, she's finding it difficult to readjust back to the real world as she returns to life in NYC.

"You have cars honking at you, subway doors closing on you, and people's MO is to serve themselves and not you. It's very harsh -- it's very hard to leave Burning Man," says Kaplan


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