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"Cars are making what big city social commentators are calling the lost generation lazy. 'Kids these days don't even know how to to shoe a horse, how do they expect to be useful in today's society,' some crazy old man was quoted as he talked to the boys down at the bar. ' mean seriously, can they dig coal in a car? No. Can they build a house in a car? No. Matter of fact, it makes them anti social too. I remember walking five miles to grandmother's on Thanksgiving. Now that was family, none of this living in different cities that these teenagers talk about. What's so great about New York, or Houston, or Los Angeles anyway? It just confuses me. I can't understand these kids and the world is clearly going down hill.'
And I for one, must agree with the old man, because I too am confused by changing societal norms. Things that are different scare me as well, and they are obviously bad because I don't like them.
'Gee, um, I guess I just don't see the point of not using an automobile,' answered one of these victims of technology addiction who's mind is clearly suffering from an extreme lack of doing stuff the old ways. 'I think the technology is real interesting. Walking two towns over takes too long, and Nancy-Jane is really keen on visiting the ocean this summer.'
No good can come of this trend. Why should kids not just go back to doing chores on the farm in place of fun. It worked for me. Oh, how my brother and I had such a social and productive time together. Kids these days just don't know what they are missing out on. We may just have to accept that today's teens are lazy, antisocial, and lack creativity. Or we can beat them more."

I finish my degree in the spring. I'm a first generation college student, grew up in a 28' travel trailer next to a strawberry field, and I think it's very much worth it. But then, I worked my way up from $9/hr to almost $100k/yr in software without a degree (again, thanks partly to checking RCade's book out at the library). I didn't look at college as a trade school. I took all kinds of classes that I'd never have thought to look into on my own (and stuff I'd never heard of), from Medieval lit to Biological Anthropology. I took chemistry classes I didn't need, physics classes (up to modern physics) that I didn't need, maths classes I didn't need, and it all did me some good. It also takes up a lot of the time I would spend places like here. Time that I spend reading thing's I'd never have read because it's not "important" to my work, or solving problems that aren't "important" to my work, developing parts of my brain that aren't "important" to my work. I joined two Honor Societies, won writing contests, presented at a conference, got published, was selected for two scholarships, and worked full time the whole way through. Yeah I have some debt (I also bought a house and a car, my wife is a full time student and doesn't have to work) but it's not anything that will take me very long to pay off, even at my current job. Once we've both finished school and paid off that debt, I plan on applying for CS research schools like Stanford, UofW, and Carnegie Mellon. I don't need to be at a school like that to do research, but it would be nice to have such a high concentration of high performing, like minded people in one place to say "what if" with.

MadBomber, your oil job argument is out of date, they've been drying up all year.

January: money.cnn.com

Yesterday (September 1): money.cnn.com

Just so you know.

And just in case CNN isn't acceptable to you, here are more:

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