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Monday, June 27, 2016

PARIS -- Iceland pulled off one the biggest shocks in European Championship history, beating England 2-1 and advancing to the quarterfinals at Euro 2016. read more

Sunday, June 12, 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- A gunman wielding an assault-type rifle and a handgun took hostages and opened fire inside a crowded Florida nightclub, killing approximately 20 people and wounding 42 others before dying in a gunfight with SWAT officers, police said Sunday.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lambda Legal has filed a brief on behalf of a transgender man from Grovetown, Georgia, who was denied permission by a judge to legally change his name to better reflect his gender identity. Judge J. David Roper allowed Feldhaus to take the first name Rowan as he considered it relatively gender-neutral, but denied Feldhaus' choice of middle name, saying: 'I am not going to change your name to Rowan Elijah. You've got to come up with something else ... maybe Shawn or some other name that is commonly given male or female."

Saturday, May 14, 2016

No charges will be filed against the parents of a three-year-old boy who found his father's gun in his Dallas, Georgia, home and fatally shot himself. Holston David Cole died April 26 after shooting himself in the chest. The Paulding County Sheriff's Office called it a "freak accident" Thursday and said no criminal charges would be filed. "Could they have been charged? Sure they could've," said Sgt. Ashley Henson. "But if you looked at all the circumstances they're a good family, taking care of their kids, there weren't any drugs or anything like that involved."

Saturday, May 07, 2016

The latest news on the Hillary Clinton email controversy reinforces everything we've heard so far on this subject:

Prosecutors and FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server have so far found scant evidence that the leading Democratic presidential candidate intended to break classification rules, though they are still probing the case aggressively with an eye on interviewing Clinton herself, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

FBI agents on the case have been joined by federal prosecutors from the same office that successfully prosecuted 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui -- and who would handle any Edward Snowden case, should he ever return to the country, according to the U.S. officials familiar with the matter. And in recent weeks, prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Virginia and their FBI counterparts have been interviewing top Clinton aides as they seek to bring the case to a close.


Today, as you imbibe a cold Budweiser (owned by a Brazilian-Belgian conglomerate), smother your hot dog (from Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods) with Heinz ketchup (partly owned by a Brazilian private-equity group), finish up with cake from Sara Lee (owned by Grupo Bimbo of Mexico, the world's biggest bread-maker) and ice cream from Good Humor (part of a British-Dutch conglomerate), check for movies on your ThinkPad laptop (owned by China's Levono) and then head to a movie house (owned by Dalian Wanda, a Chinese real estate giant that controls more U.S cinema screens than any American company) in your Chrysler (owned by Italian automaker Fiat), and, at the end of the day, take an Alka-Seltzer (also foreign owned), you might wonder what kind of Independence Day you're celebrating.

All told, the U.S has attracted nearly $3 trillion of foreign direct investment -- almost double that of its closest competitor, the United Kingdom – and Brexit will generate even more. Last year was a record for foreign investment, bringing in $348 billion, with some 70 percent going toward America's ailing manufacturing sector. Foreign buyers also purchased some $87 billion in U.S. real estate.

I don't see this as a problem -- except when it comes to our democracy. Because all these foreign-owned firms – along with giant global U.S. companies that are the world's biggest foreign investors (with nearly $5 trillion in foreign direct investment) – are now playing a larger political role in Washington and state capitals than ever before. And their primary concern when they influence our politics isn't the well being of Americans; it's their global profits. There's a big difference.

On Independence Day, it's important that we rededicate ourselves to getting big money out of our democracy.

What do you think?

-Robert Reich

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