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#2. You can always tell the caucasian, eternally sheltered suburbanite in the crowd. You dont know black people, and you dont know a thing about having a duty to perform in a tough situation. So let me break it down for you.

Theres more than one type of black person in this country. There's a group that have let go and moved forward. There are some that are making it but remember. There are some that know how to gain off of saps and then there's the hardened core of angry black people that will never be happy, have no interest in bettering their lot and genuinely hate white people. Growing up in a mixed lower working class community will teach you that you'll only see what kind of a person someone is on the inside until it really matters.

Now, here's where the post becomes relevant to you. The hardened core of people that dont care are going to break the law and destroy their communities no matter what. The only thing stopping them from doing so is the threat of incarceration and punishment. The group of people that have learned how to extort from the system, community organizers such as yourself, are trying to undermine that by making criminals into victims. You're changing the reality of what is acceptable and what isnt. Policing isnt going to change anymore except to get more broad and more lethal. Five police officers were gunned down. Five. The cops have the publics support. Including the support of black Americans that have chosen to move forward.

Policing tactics aren't the problem. Is liberal community activists such as yourself that goad disadvantaged and troubled people into fighting the authorities instead of respecting them which causes deaths. Look in the mirror. YOU are the problem in the equation.

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