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Two things for you Snoofy:

If you want to argue technicalities, the SS was the armed wing of the Nazi Party. It was the dagger if the party was the hand. The two were virtually indistinguishable. So, that is a pretty weak point. Leaving the Ba'ath Party in control of Iraq is 100% tantamount to defeating Germany and handing it back to Hitler's successor. Our goal in Iraq was liberation, and we accomplished that and established a STABILE republican form of government. Those facts are irrefutable.

The second would be whether or not the US military's efforts in Iraq protected this country from aggression. On it's face, no the Iraq wars did not directly protect the US from attack. They did advance our interests and those of our allies by removing a dangerous and violent man from a position of power. Iraq had twice attacked it's neighbors, one of which was an economic ally of ours. We MUST protect our interests abroad. Allowing the small gulf states to be attacked by Iran, Iraq, and whoever else not only affects our energy interests, but shows the world that we are not serious about protecting the right of nations to trade freely without intimidation. That will invite MORE conflict by allowing warlords to act with impunity.

There is no "empire", there are no "wars for oil", they are wars to protect the world economic system that provides YOU with such a high standard of living. So, the next time you and anyone else goes to the pump, buys produce from Mexico, affordable household goods from China, a chocolate bar made from African cocoa, remember that there was "cannon fodder" who lost limbs to protect the sea lanes and thwart real imperialists like Saddam Hussein to make it available.

Drudge Retort

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