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#19. Look im aware that this a website where sniveling leftist goosesteppers go to console themselves and reinforce their deranged worldview. So ill be brief because you're just going to write it off as the product of someone that needs to be reeducated.

1. That statement requires substantiation. He also lost the House and Senate two years in and had to compromise with a Republican Congress. He wouldn't even had been elected had Ross Perot siphoned off 19m votes in 1992 and 8m in 1996. He also had to acquiesce to Republican initiatives like welfare reform.

2. [...] Her husband founds a charity that takes money from foreign governments in the millions and im delusional. If there was ever any impropriety then its well squirreled away so I wont even touch this one.

3. There is no evidence. Only accusations at least a decade old and there is also eyewitness accounts that exonerate him. Its election year mudslinging so no, repeating an accusation as fact doesn't win the argument. Hillary sucks, go home.

4. We spend billions only to have illegal aliens pandered to thus making our border control efforts ineffective. If we didnt have sanctuary cities and politicians treating intruders as victims we would be making much broader gains. Oh, btw, Fast and Furious. Thanks for arms trafficking Obama and Holder.

5. Hillary wasn't held to the same standards that other violators were. She was given a pass because she was a cabinet level official in the current administration. We've already established that Democrats dont obey the law or hold their elected officials to any sort of standard. Google Alcee Hastings.

Bottom line, you're a big part of the problem.

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