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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

AUSTIN, Texas -- In Texas, things can heat up pretty quickly.

The calendar doesn't have to say June 20 for it to begin to feel like the summer season.

House Bill 401 is making its way through the current legislature is focused on protecting pets left in hot cars. If made law, Good Samaritans wouldn't face criminal charges or be held liable for breaking into a vehicle to save an animal in danger.

Jeff Pierce, legislative counsel for the Animal Defense Fund, a group that advocates for animal rights, said the bill covers dogs, cats, but also other animals who are considered pets. Though, it exempts livestock.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Fed Chair Janet Yellen dropped a strong hint Friday that an interest rate hike is on the way later this month.

While leaving just enough wiggle room in case conditions should change, the central bank leader said economic improvements of late will be a big part of the discussion at the March 14-15 Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

"We currently judge that it will be appropriate to gradually increase the federal funds rate if the economic data continue to come in about as we expect," Yellen said at a speech in Chicago, according to prepared remarks.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Fifty years ago this spring, the best-selling young adult novel of all time was published to adulation and outrage. This was 1967, so youth culture was not exactly new, but something about the plain, emotional voice of The Outsiders did away with the grown-ups' interference and spoke directly to teen readers in a new way. The aura surrounding the classic tale of warring adolescent cliques from opposite sides of the tracks is enhanced by the fact that the author was herself a teenager. ... S. E. Hinton was an Oklahoma high school student when she completed the manuscript she was then calling A Different Sunset. Her contract from Viking Press actually arrived the day she graduated from Tulsa's Will Rogers High School. Because she wasn't yet 21, her mother had to sign too.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Storm chasers and storm spotters came together Sunday to spell out a virtual tribute to Bill Paxton after learning about his sudden passing due to complications from surgery. They were paying homage to the man who played Bill Harding, a veteran meteorologist and storm chaser in the 1996 hit movie, Twister. The character Paxton portrayed is an icon for many who took part. ...
"The whole process took about two hours to come together," said [storm spotter John] Wetter, who added that there was high interest in the tribute from the storm chasing community. "There isn't a storm chaser alive that couldn't tell you some story about the impact that the movie has had on them as a storm chaser," he said. read more

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez and Tim Raines -- will join the Hall.


His complete 'dressing down' of Feinstein solidified any doubts I had of him...that and the nonsense from the one idiot about paying for the hearings.

"Senator Feinstein - I appreciate your concern for the several people impacted by the events that you have described to me. But, as much power that you seem to attribute to me, I fear I do not, nor ever would– nor should – as a solitary member of the Supreme Court, have that power.......................You have inferred that were I took look upon a modern issue from the point of view of 1789, at the beginning of the new republic, I might still find that an African could legally be held to involuntary servitude – to be held as chattel, a slave, as was common in much if the world in those days, and sadly still is in many parts of the world, even as we speak.

But, what you present is not a true reflection of today's reality.

So, from that regard, in today's America I could not hold a Black man to slavery, nor could I deny a Woman the right to vote, because since 1787, the date of origination of the Constitution, the Constitution has changed. Slavery has ended and women are longer prevented from voting. The Constitution has been amended in such ways that at one time you were unable to bring alcoholic beverages into the country, and then suddenly you were. But, your predecessors, not by judges, made those changes.

I would find it very disconcerting to know that you wanted to send me to the Supreme Court to make new law. That is your job. Give the courts good law and you will have good decisions."

Scott Shackford makes clear in his new piece for Reason, that isn't what CDBG is mostly about. CDBG funds regularly go into pork-barrel and business-subsidy schemes with a cronyish flavor. That's why the program has been a prime target for budget-cutters for decades, in administration after administration. It's important to the CDBG program's political durability that its grantees wind up sprinkling a bit of extra money on popular programs mostly funded by other means. That way, defenders can argue that the block grants "fund programs like Meals on Wheels."

Read more at: www.nationalreview.com

"As you know, or I think you know, Meals on Wheels is not a federal program," he began. "It's part of that community that CDBGs -- the block grants that we give to the states, and then many states make the decision to give that money to Meals on Wheels." (emphasis added)

Stop there. What Mulvaney just said is important. The federal government cannot cut CDBG funding to Meals on Wheels because it does not give that money to Meals on Wheels. It gives that money to the states, and then some states elect to pass it along to programs like Meals on Wheels. To say that Trump's budget blueprint targets Meals on Wheels for cuts is disingenuous.


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