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Reports from the separatists on the ground claim that 2 Ukranian fighters escorted MH17 into the Donetsk region, then turned around 3 minutes prior to its disappearance off radar. From above link we can see previous flight paths, MH17 has not flown over the region in the prior 21 days. We can make our own assumptions until we get an official report.


If Saudi Arabia can secure their border why cant we? Close some of the bases in the Midwest (because Red Dawn is fiction) and deem the first 500 yards of US/Mexico border a militarized zone, with patrols and hi tech monitoring. Even better, to pay for it, look towards Roosevelts civil works programs put people to work, shovel and pickaxe style. Let the children that are here stay, stop drug smuggling into and the money arms trafficking out of the border (unless its Eric Lords of War Holder). Obama can appease the left and the right at the same time, as well as bring unemployment #s down and be the bestest president ever.


ISIS now in control of plant capable of making chem weapons, as well as old stock.

Who would have thought that supporting extremist rebels opposed to a secular regime would end badly?

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