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Washington DC should be the safest place in the world with just 3.6% ownership per 100k people.. oh wait...


MSM is not reporting the actual fighting in East Ukraine because its not favorable to EU/US positions. UA airforce is down to 30% preATO capacity.
Regular UA army being surrounded and driven into fire corridors daily. Rightwing NeoNazi battalions are having to recruit as far away as UK and US to fill their ranks. Mauripol is close to being surrounded. And winter is approaching.


Donations are picking up.

41k in 15 hours.

Grand total of 276k so far. For Great Justice.

1st Goal Complete

www.gofundme.com 235k in just 4 days.

Next goal is to reach the cap in under 1 week.

Already 18k in donations in just 9 hours.


GodSpeed Officer Wilson


Officer Wilsons Based GoFundMe almost at 200k in 4 days. Oldest son bet me that it wouldnt hit 200k by Friday. Gonna sit on my porch and watch him mow lawn, after I take the belt off the zeroturn and fill the tank on the pushmower.....Sweet Tea and sunshine....

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