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Aside from Gonoles92 obvious trolling; the Alt-Right should be called what they really are, Neo Nazis, there are you happy? There is NO Alt-Left, that's just more Reichwing BS made up in an effort to distract and muddy the waters. The Reich is very good at distraction and projection. Faux Noise is found on most basic cable packages. Comedy central, I think you would find is also usually bottom tier basic cable, I know it is on our Comcast basic package. But I'm guessing that your observation is that stupid poor people watch Faux Noise, which explains why they are the more poorly informed that people who are consumers of NO news at all, while educated affluent people watch Comedy Central and as such are starter and better informed. Okay, good to know the Reich really is the party of poor, uneducated, stupid people.

The internet has allowed the Reich to have their OWN FACTS. It's as simple as that. You can argue facts with a Reichwinger, and they trot out ridiculous BS "facts" that they found on Facebook, or Breitbart or InfoWars. You can't disabuse them of the notions these "facts" have built in their heads. True facts have a liberal bias, but internet bubble "facts" have a Reichwing bias, as shown by this past election.

Here is what I see are three of the most serious problems with the MSM:

1. Ratings - Back when news was a public service performed by the networks to maintain their broadcast licenses, we had real news people, who gathered real news, used multiple sources and generally got it right. The news should not be a moneymaking proposition, because the dollar dictates what stories get covered or don't get covered.

2. 24 Hour news cycle - It has made us amnesiacs, as we can't recall what the big story was last week, because the MSM is hyping some new story for this cycle. The 24 hour news cycle and competition has made journalists want to be first with a scoop, and often do so without proper the proper checking of sources.

3. Rabbit Ears - The MSM has become so afraid of criticism from the Reich, that they have altered the way they do business, for the worse. Because Reichwing radio used to accuse the MSM of being liberal, the MSM started to pick up BS stories from the Reich. Stories would appear out of the some fever dream on Riechwing radio, and then get picked up by Faux Noise. Then the Reich would browbeat the MSM into joining the party. When the MSM starts to run with something, the Reich has won. An example is Drumpf's 3 million illegal voters tweet. It was total BS, created on the internet. The MSM reported that Drumpf made the tweet, but not enough of them reported that Drumpf was lying and that the source of the information was a Reichwing conspiracy whack. With the MSM, everything has become a two sided argument, even if one of the sides has absolutely no validity (are Jews really people?)! Global warming is a good example. 99% of climate scientists say it's real and mankind is the major contributor. Rather than arguing about how to mitigate MMGW, as the rest of the world is doing, we are still wasting time with loons (either paid for by the energy industry or religious nutbags who think we can't destroy God's creation) who claim that it either doesn't exist, or it's part of an pattern of warming.

Drudge Retort

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