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Trump $10,800 to fly in his gaudy gold plated plane that screams "look at me, I'm a rich douche bag with a small manhood" and seats only 43 people.


Hillary $5850 per hour to fly, which includes SS and her press corps (who also reimburse her campaign for their travel).

She is costing taxpayers less than half of what Drumpf is costing us. But you rubes don't care, you will send in your hard earned money because you have some crazy belief that Drumpf cares about you and your issues. If you were on fire on the sidewalk in front of his building in Manhattan, he wouldn't waste his urine on you to put you out. He could care less about you or your job or your family, all this fat orange narcissistic piece of slime cares about is "Make Drumpf Richer Again."

Every word that comes out of Fat Donnie's rectum shaped mouth is a lie. Every single word. We have NEVER seen anything like this. He is a big fat champion level liar who is totally unfit to be president. His policies will be worse than Shrub redux.

All you busters who will throw your vote away on Stein because Drumpf will bring the revolution are idiots. It has taken almost eight years to reverse the eight years of Shrub Rethug failure, and now you want to hand the wheel over to an obese clown with no idea what the hell he is doing? I hate to tell you, the revolution won't come. When Drumpf talks about how bad the economy is and what a jobless hellscape America is, he's actually forecasting America under Drumpf. What's worse busters is that we have seen how the right likes to mess with elections (gerrymandering and voter ID as examples). Do you really think once they have power, the way Drumpf speaks like a tin pot dictator, that they will risk giving that power up?

You are idiots if you cannot see that HRC has spent a carreer trying to do good things for this country, especially those less fortunate. Drumpf has spent his life finding shady ways to enrich himself while crapping on people like you rubes. If you think he cares about you or any of your issues, you are stupider than you appear to be. He has a golden throne in his penthouse apartment and you bash Hillary for being rich, wow.

If elected president, Drumpf will crash the world economy and find a way to laugh all the way to the bank. He is without a doubt the most corrupt presidential candidate in history, and you don't care because the MSM has spoon fed you trumped up CDS for 30 years. Every single HRC "scandal" turns into NOTHING. Yet when the media exposes real criminal activity by the fat orange child rapist, you all could care less. Unbelievable.

Drudge Retort

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