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From the article:

"Another FBI employee recounted it differently, saying a senior agency official suggested to Mr. Kennedy that he would look into the email matter if the State official "would provide authority concerning the FBI's request to increase its personnel in Iraq." That suggestion was ultimately rejected by others at the FBI, according to officials and the documents."

Bill, you are crazy! Drumpf would do as president as he has done as a candidate, surround himself with fawning acolytes. Do you think if he had surrounded himself with quality campaign people he would be in a flaming tailspin? They would have demanded a sincere apology to the groping, and it would have gone away. Drumpf is the personality type that cannot be challenged (hence 3 AM tweeting about any negative comment made toward him), so he always has to be the smartest man in the room. Since we know he is a idiot, he surrounds himself with Ghouliani (who obviously has lost his mind), Christy (who very well could be heading to prison), Lewendowski (good for assaulting women), and a plethora of talking heads so incredibly stupid and full of lies they are better watched on mute.

You have to be joking about him learning the job. He has been running for president for over a year and yet seems still to have no idea how the government works. He appears to think he is running for dictator instead of president. He is incurious, and too lazy to change that.

You think Drumpf, who has close ties to Russia will be tougher than Hillary? You sir are a joke. She knows what's happening in the world, where the levers of power are, and she has world leaders on speed dial. I doubt Drumpf could name more than five countries in the world (we know he knows Russia, China and Mexico). He thinks Brussels is a country.

We live in a stupid country, where people are idolized not for their talents, accomplishments or smarts, but simply for being rich and famous (Drumpf, Kardashian, Hilton). Republicans will back a sexual predator, a psychopath with obvious narcissistic personality disorder. They will do this because they believe in party over country. Drumpf has offered no plausible policies aside from massive tax cuts for the rich and waaaalllllll. The rest is just guarantees that "trust me it will be beautiful."

This country is swirling the bowl. I hope to hell that Drumpf is presiding over the permanent destruction of the GOP. I hope they split down their obvious lines, a White Power party for the Drumpf/Bannon types and a reasonable conservative party for others. Only Dems can save this nation.

Drudge Retort

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