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At the start of this month, Bernie had $6 million in the bank. That's not nearly enough to even contend in CA. His $27 donors appear to be tapped out, and the general has not even begun. Drumpf is now tapping the big GOP billionaire donors, and will have a billion dollars to drown out Bernie's inspiring message.

Here's the thing about Bernie, he appeals to the left wing of the Democratic base, and left wing independent voters, that's who voted for him. Those are the people who are not turned off by the Socialist label, or the promised double digit increase in their tax rate. He didn't win minorities,or women, or older voters. He can't even win a majority of Democratic, how does he win a general?

By June 9th he will have lost to Hillary by about four million votes. If he can't beat what you point out is a flawed candidate, who ran no negative advertising against him, used no opposition research against him, how could he beat the GOP magic money machine? Hell, the Reich Wing has been cheering Bernie, their Superpacs have run ads for him, their voters have been crossing over in open primaries to vote for him (see WV) in order to mess with the Dem primary. The Right WANTS to run against Bernie. Ever wonder why?

You Bernie voters may yell louder and show up at arenas to hear Bernie speak, and have the time to spend all day at a caucus site, because of that you think Hillary has no enthusiasm behind her. When that poll came out a few weeks ago showing that her voters were actually the most enthusiastic you called it a fraud. The fact is, Hillary voters are tired of fighting with you, tired of being shouted down, tired of the antics, so we don't engage. That doesn't mean we don't like our candidate, aren't inspired by her message, it means we don't feel like being slagged by some millenial who has never voted, and because (likely) he grew up in an era of participation ribbons and sporting events where they didn't keep score, so they have no idea how to be gracious losers. The next step is not throwing a fit and disrupting things, it's doing what the Tea Party did to the Reps, invade the Democratic party and push it left. Work for more liberal down ticket candidates, have a LONG VIEW. The Tea Party had a long view, and now they own a majority of state legislatures. That's where the revolution begins in a democracy like ours.

Yup, spanking works. It works for teaching children that a big person can inflict their will on a smaller person because of superior size. Rather than explain why something is forbidden, some parents just get angry and hit. Every bully I have ever known was spanked.

One of my good friends is a spanker. His 13 year old son is now physically challenging him to the point where it's no longer a spanking but a fight, which will likely get my friend in trouble with the law some day.

I started lifting weights in 8th grade. I remember in 10th grade I sassed my mom, she got pissed and tried to hit me with a wooden spoon. I took it away from her and broke it. She saw humor in that and started laughing. My dad got home and came storming upstairs to my bedroom with another wooden spoon because he was going to show me who was boss. At that point I could bench press twice my dad's weight. I took the spoon away from my dad and broke it too. He tried to slap me, and I caught his hand and smiled at him. At that point he realized he was no longer physically superior. He was lucky that I don't lose my temper easily, or he would have been in trouble. He turned tail and left my room. I later apologized to my mom and made amends. I was grounded for awhile, but the worst punishment for me was always when my mom gave me the silent treatment. At some point physical violence on your child will not work, if that is all you have, you are screwed.

I also think kids who get spanked often become comfortable in a authoritarian setting, because they have never been encouraged to think for themselves or challenge the status quo.

Three things doom Sanders in a general election:

1. Refusal to have a superpac. This move is loved by the true believers, but seen as dangerously naive by those of us who understand that his message would be drowned out by a billion dollars in negative ads. More importantly, Bernie has lower negatives because a lot of the country are still not tuned in, and really don't have much of an opinion. Hillary has not spent much money going after Bernie in her advertising. So for the casual voter who starts paying attention after the primaries, their first prolonged introduction to Bernie will be showing him making positive comments about Castro, visiting Nicaragua, etc. They will paint him a shade of very commie red. He has also promised to raise taxes on EVERYBODY. No matter how good the cause, such as universal healthcare, Americans are very hesitant to raise their own taxes. There is a basic distrust of government among a large portion of the electorate, who have been brainwashed that government can't do anything right, so how could they administer your healthcare? Joe luchpail and his wife will believe believe the negative spin and vote against their self-interests.

2. Lack of specifics on how he can or will accomplish his signature issues short of "political revolution" which we all see isn't happening. He has tied his star to the laziest and most quixotic voters in the country. When he doesn't get them free college and healthcare in the first few weeks, they'll call him a fraud and move on. Also I am disturbed by his lack of knowledge and specifics on foreign policy.

3. He would do well enough to win the more liberal states such as MA, MN, OR, CA, NY, but he has not been able to pull together Obama's coalition. The unwarranted criticism of Obama that has come from Bernie and more importantly his more vociferous supporters is likely to turn off black voters, causing them to stay home. I don't see him winning any of the swing states where he needs minority votes, VA, FL, NC, MI. He's also not likely to win swing states that skew more conservative such as PA, OH. So in a general, he has a chance to be Michael Dukakis.

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