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Sooooo, how did all those Bernie endorsed candidates do this last election? Crickets? The base is NOT big enough to elect anybody. Elections are won in the middle. Rethugs understand this, and fall in line. The liberal base would rather cut off their nose to spite their face. Nobody will EVER be pure enough for you all.

Yes, millennials and the far left do not fear Socialism, but the middle does! Bernie would have been branded a Commie. The Reich would have tied him to Castro and Communist Russia and his far left comments during his lifetime. He would not have had enough $60 donors in order to explain what Socialism is, and why it's nothing to fear. The media certainly would not have given Bernie the free TV they gave to Drumpf.

The Reichwing money men, Russia and the FBI would have still backed Drumpf, and he would have beaten Bernie in both popular and electoral vote. Bernie would have done NO better with those white working class people than did Hillary. I think of all the Bernie backing snowflakes who crapped themselves when here when people pointed out that Bernie's math was magical. Hillary and her camp were very gentle with Bernie. I imagine you all huddled in a corner sucking your thumbs after what Drumpf and Russia got done with eviscerating Bernie and his policies. In a country where celebrity is everything, Bernie would have lost in an epic ass kicking. I don't like it, but that's the way it has always gone! Bernie didn't come close to winning the Democratic primary, how could he have won the general?

Well about three million more people voted for Hillary than Dear Leader and Dems picked up seats in the house and senate, so I'm guessing it's really Rethugs who need some self-reflection. Again, a LOT more people voted for Dems in the house races but thanks to gerrymandering Rethugs win more seats. If not for voter purges, and a lot of chicanery over the machines, the assistance of the FBI and Russia, Dear Leader would not have won the EC.

Laura, the country is NOT as far left as far left believes. Look at what happened in Wisconsin. A true progressive hero, Feingold, was beaten quite handily by a Tea Party Rethug, Johnson. Hillary won more votes in Wisconsin than did Feingold. How did that happen?

As we kept telling you during the primary, elections are won in the middle, not on the edges. Hillary lost the EC by about a 100,000 votes over three states, which leads me to believe that there was some underhanded BS going on, especially since we couldn't get clear re-counts in all cases. Unfortunately the reich wing fell in line behind Drumpf, while the butt hurt left wing took their ball and went home.

Do you not think that Russia and the FBI would have found a way to interject themselves in the election on behalf of Dear Leader if Bernie was the Dem candidate? Hillary took it easy on Bernie, she was hesitant to attack him because she knew she'd need to have his followers vote for her. Drumpf would have been relentless in his attacks on "Commie Bernie (or some such BS yet effective nickname)." The Rethug money men who mostly stayed away from Drumpf would have likely backed him against a Socialist. Worst of all, we know that Michael Bloomberg would have entered the race had Bernie won the Dem nomination.

Moderate Dems and Rethugs who supported Hillary, but may not have been comfortable supporting Bernie and his magic math, would have been more likely to be peeled away by Bloomberg or Johnson. Bernie did not have very strong support from minorities, and we're not sure where they would have shaken out. My guess is that Drumpf would have won a far greater victory in the EC and likely would have won the popular vote against Bernie. I know what post election polls say, but nobody could know how these external elements would have played out, nobody ever bloodied Bernie, so we don't know how he would have reacted. We do know that the Reichwingers would have eaten it up with a knife and fork.

This was not a working man vote against Dems. The blue collar people who voted for Drumpf normally vote Rethug because of abortion or guns, they have been brainwashed to vote against their best economic interests. Drumpf was able to activate a racist element in the American electorate. I see this as a snapback vote against Obama and the progress of social justice. There is one more element that speaks very poorly of American voters. Americans tend to idolize the rich and famous even if they are famous for no apparant reason. I think a certain number of voters voted for Drumpf just because they knew who he was, and thought he was successful, in spite of the mountains of evidence to the contrary.

We are in for a very rough four years, whether Dear Leader is removed from office or not. I hope he does not do so much damage that it can't be repaired by the next Democratic president.

Drudge Retort

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