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#22 - Except we know that millions of new FB and Twitter users popped up in the last year with IP addresses from places like St. Petersburg Russia. They were part of a bot and Russian government paid blogger army that flooded the internet with fake news, some coming from American sites like InfoWars and Breitbart. Former FBI Special Agent Clinton Watts testified about this to congress. InfoWars would put a BS anti-Hillary story on their site, the bots and bloggers would spread it all over the net, Drumpf or somebody from his campaign would re-tweet it giving it legitimacy (child sex ring anybody?) and the mouth-breathers would then start retweeting as well. Soon the idiots at Faux would pick up the story and the MSN would be brown beaten into talking about it, even if just to shoot it down. This of course caused the Reichwingers to be even more distrustful of the MSM because they saw the story on FB or Faux so it must be true. This is ALL well documented by the FBI. The Russians even used this technique during the primary in an effort to hurt Hillary and sow discord within the Democratic party.

Add to that the fact that the Russians also hacked the voter registration databases of multiple states, and micro-targeted voters in particular in the rust belt. How did Drumpf know to campaign in the Rust belt when Hillary was up by double digits in places like Pennsylvania? He was talking confidently about doing well there months before the election, in spite of polling that was saying otgerwise. The Russians targeted voters in these states. They didn't switch votes to Drumpf as much as they caused soft Dems to vote for Stein or to stay home. They also hacked the DCCC and used that info against Dems running for Congress, so this was targeted up and down the ballot. If they could cause a Dem voter to lose enthusiasm for their Senate or Congressional candidate and stay home. Do what at one point was looking like a huge Hillary win and a possible Dem waive turned into the crap fest that we have today. Remember, Drumpf only won those states by a total of 70,000 votes. That's fewer people than attend an NFL game on Sundays.

You're looking at the wrong side of the ocean dummy, Russians involved with this case are dropping like flies. This is far worse than using a private email (which was also done by GOP SOS), this is collusion in the hijacking of a US election and maybe more, as in espionage. I mean, Flynn was taking in the PDB daily, and re-writing it into Drumpf bullet points and adding pictures so the illiterate BLOTUS could understand it, WHILE HE WAS BEING PAID AS AN AGENT OF TURKEY! We have never really heard what the deal was with the server in the basement of Drumpf Tower. I know that the FBI is still looking at it, so we might find out more about that too. Several people in Drumpf's circle, including his Campaign Manager Manafort and his NSA Flynn were acting as foreign agents at the time they were working for PEEOTUS. Carter Page has admitted that he was an asset of Russian spies. Jared failed to disclose meetings with Russians in his security check, which is a felony, Sessions lied under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Russian contacts. Why was the BLOTUS admin so afraid of the testimony of Sally Yates? Nunes late-night visit to the White House basically killed what would have likely been a very illuminating session, and of course it was done at the behest of the 45 Admin.

Drumpf might only be guilty of money laundering for Russian Oligarchs, we know the bank his Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross' Bank of Cyprus was famous for laundering money. I'm sure his taxes would disclose all kinds of illegality, otherwise why be so resistant to releasing them? His taxes will be subpoenaed after the 2018 election. Then we'll see what he's guilty of, and start seeing some of his people face some charges. Colluding with another nation to hijack an American election is far worse than Watergate, Iran-Contra or anything that Clinton was accused of. You forget, several of the people around Nixon were convicted of felony charges and went to prison. Iran-Contra also claimed some scalps. The same will be true of people surrounding Drumpf.

Oh, and you do realize that the term "snowflake" is very anti-semitic. It was a term the German guards used for the Jews as their ashes fell from the sky after they had been incinerated. So you just stuff that where the sun don't shine moron!

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