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I think we now know why behind the scenes at the Faux News channel they refer to him as Fu@kabee. Trying to out Trump Trump is hard werk!

Yup, Pro-Life in all cases, but dead set against any social program that would help a poor young woman struggling to provide for her children. Love the fetus, hate the child.

Okay, let's see it from the officer's perspective. He is there for a reason, likely a call for service from a neighbor. Maybe he's there following up on an earlier criminal complaint and intended to ask the dude if he heard or saw anything suspicious overnight. As in most police interactions, the dude's attitude is what dictated how the contact went.

The officer sees the dude hooking up the boat at what is likely a problem house, the dude says something to the effect of "you've brought enough grief to my family."

You notice the black band around the officer's badge, it means there has been a recent line of duty death. This tends to make all cops a lot more cautious.

The officer pauses in front of the house, runs the vehicle plate on his computer, and likely the registered owner's info. We don't know what info came up, maybe an associated warrant or order. I do that with almost everybody I meet in the line of duty. It's a safety thing, since I often don't know who I'm talking to in the field.

Officer gets out to make contact, which is his JOB. Asks the guy to take his hand out of his pocket (good officer safety), and when the dude is immediately confrontational and refuses, the officer draws his gun (good officer safety). He never points it, but is ready.

There is a serious difference in time between action and reaction. If the guy brought a gun out of his pocket, and the officer''s gun was still holstered he would have no chance. At least with his gun out, he gives himself a chance.

The officer is speaking to his dispatcher, so maybe the guy does have a warrant, but the jail is full or the originating agency won't confirm the warrant, or the dude doesn't fit the physical description.

Nobody got arrested and nobody got shot, which is how the vast, vast, vast majority of police contacts go.

Honestly I see no problem, other than the officer is a little stiff, and failed to make conversation, but dude's immediate hostility and video recording of the officer likely put a crimp in what otherwise might have been a perfectly normal interaction.

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