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So Sheeple, was Bush Jr. a serious mistake? Should we have been in the streets over that election theft? Or was he just another Republican President who was bad for liberal policies. 9-11, Iraq war, Great GOP Recession, destroyed our standing in the world and nearly sank the world economy. How many people did tho se conservative policies hurt? Should we have been in the streets sooner? Damn right!Bush killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in an unlawful war.

Darth Cheney was in favor of a strong executive, yet never did that administration spill over the line into authoritarianism. Jesus Christ, Drumpf is reading right out of the Authoritarian's Guide for Dummies by Vladimir Putin. Even John McCain is ringing the bell about Drumpf's actions regarding the press and pointing out that it's a tactic of strongman regimes. Dear Leader has expressed admiration at the way Putin and Kim control their countries. You don't think he'd do that in a second if the opportunity arose? We need to be awake, and watching every second of every minute, because we've seen this movie before in Russia. There is a valid fear that the Drumpf Administration will use the next big terror attack on our soil (and his words and actions are guaranteeing that it will come) will give them reason to declare martial law, and start shutting down the first amendment. He has already talked about finding a way to shut down social media. That doesn't even touch on the fact that Russia helped to elect him, so he will do whatever they want. You don't think that the dissolution of NATO won't hurt some folks? How about lifting the sanctions and telling Putin to go ahead and redraw his nation's borders back to the USSR period.

Drudge Retort

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