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PURE BS. No such thing as the "Liberal Media." They have been bought up and coopted by corporate interests.

The Times was a critical tool in the selling of the Iraq invasion to the public.

Rethugs outnumber Dems about two to one on the major network Sunday shows. talkingpointsmemo.com

In the 2000 race, Bush got twice as much positive press as Gore. www.journalism.org

Mainstream media covered the Clinton impeachment with the same zeal as Faux News would have.

Mainstream media is out for the story and desperate for a race. NT Times is bashing Hillary while they fawn over clowns in the short bus. Media in general is ignoring the massive crowds and momentum of Bernie. Yet they try to sell us how Rand Paul or Rubio or Jeb! are serious contenders. Where are the mentions of Bridgegate for Christy or the indictment for Governor Oops?

You seem to think the media isn't reporting on some of your pet stories like Fast and Furious and Benghaziiiiii. They did cover them when they were stories. They stopped their coverage when it became obvious that they were Rethug witch hunts. Sadly there is no such thing as Liberal Media, just a right wing media bubble where some of you choose to live.

Not triangulated at all, smart strategy. It's good strategy for the distance runner with a great kick to stay with the pack through three quarters of the race, and then use that kick to close it out. Mohammad Ali's rope-a-dope was brilliant strategy against big punchers, letting the big guys tire themselves out.

This is a marathon, and the right is doing a great job in their circular firing squad. Bernie is firing up the base, which will help Hillary in 2016.

I don't get the hate on the left around here for Hillary. As a senator she was ranked the fifth most liberal. Hillarycare was a lot closer to single payer than Obamacare. She has admitted that her vote on the Iraq war was wrong, but had she not voted that way we would have likely had a Senator Lazio. Don't forget 911 happened in New York, and the Bush cartel with the help of the right wing noise machine were able to tie the Iraq war to 911 by stoking fears of Islam. Yes she has business ties, she'll NEED the money from those ties to beat Jeb! I love Bernie too, but he has NO CHANCE. He can't come close to raising the money Hillary can, and she's getting pasted in fund raising be Jeb! Sure Bernie is turning on the leftwing base, but I don't see him holding the Obama coalition together. He will succeed in pushing her left, which is good, because polls are showing the country is drifting left.

Support Bernie all you want, but when he loses do what he tells you to do and support Hillary. We have come too far since the Republican collapse to go back to the policies that nearly destroyed the global economy. If Jeb! Is elected, look for another land war in the middle east, massive tax cuts for the rich, and another major recession/depression and a 6-3 or 7-2 SCOTUS.

Drudge Retort

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