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The election of President Obama caused a lot of closet racists to poke their heads out. Remember "I want my country back" lady? What she really meant was she wanted to return to a time when only white men could be elected president. Not an uncommon view in much of this country. It has been a common theme in Reichwing world, attacking President Obama's otherness; secret Muslim, foreign born, not Xtian, etc. It's all been dog whistle for the fact that he's black, and that bothers a large percentage of Republican voters.

Donald Drumpf has taken that emotion two steps further. Not only was he the most famous and the most boisterous of the Birther brigade, but now he has attacked or insulted EVERY non-white group in the country. He has fostered these racist attitudes with his words at rallies, spoken kindly of Mussolini and Hitler along with other dictators like Putin, Hussein and Kim, re-tweeted crap from obviously racist or white supremacist accounts, refused to disavow David Duke and the white nationalist movement, chosen slogans like "America First" which was used by Hitler supporter Charles Lindbergh prior to WW2. All of this adds up to Drumpf allying himself with the alt-right movement, David Duke and the white nationalists. They truly have taken over the Republican party. If you are voting for Drumpf, either you are a racist, you are blinded by CDS, or you are stupid, which is the same as #2. As a lot of very famous Republicans have already said, voting for Drumpf is not the Republican thing to do.

So the $33,000 dollar a plate dinners being hosted by presidential candidates, the $5,000 a plate dinners hosted by Senators and Congress critters don't bother you? Because that's literally buying access. The Kochs donate millions not out of the goodness of their hearts but because they will demand and get quid pro quo. Why do you think Trump's primary economic proposals are the largest tax cut in history for the rich and an end to the estate tax.

Why do people donate to CGI? Bill is a hell of a salesman and it is one of the highest rated charities in the world. It turns 89% of the money raised into charitable works. It has literally saved the lives of millions of people around the world. People donate because they like to be affiliated with CGI, because it has such a terrific reputation around the world.

Now, take a look at the list of Clinton doners who met with Hillary. What were they wanting? Had they met with other SOS? The example of the Bangladeshi economist is weak, he would gave gotten a meeting no matter what because of who he was and what he was working on with State. Look at the thousands of high dollar donors who DID NOT get meetings, that list is much longer.

The example of the arms sales is also weak, as I've previously mentioned they were already nations to whom we were selling arms, they are allies, they were in the fight against ISIL, the sales were good for the economy creating American jobs and she was ONLY ONE OF SEVERAL DEPARTMENT HEADS TO SIGN OFF.

So come on Righties show me some actual quid pro quo, because right now you've got nada but weak innuendo.

Let me educate you on quid pro quo. Take Drumpf University, that is the definition of a criminal enterprise, bilking poor and working class Americans out of their hard earned money with fraud and false promises. Then he bought some quid pro quo from Florida's AG who abandoned her investigation into DU and was handsomely rewarded with campaign cash. Where is your righteous screaming about that? Or how about how he bought a favorable deal from Governor Crispy Cream to forgive a 30+ million dollar debt to NJ in exchange for a donation to the Republican Governors Association. That's what I call quid pro quo. Are you upset, crickets. CDS run rampant. This is nothing more than the AP doing piss poor reporting in order to keep this election close. They've got nothing but weak innuendo.

Drudge Retort

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