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I'm so sick of the "HOW MANY HAVE PAID?" BS. Of course the government doesn't know the answer to that question, for two reasons.

First: people are buying PRIVATE INSURANCE from PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES even if they bought the policies on the ACA website or one of the state exchanges. Private companies are not obliged to tell the federal government how many of their customers have paid. They will also likely have different reporting periods, etc.

Second: A lot of these private insurance companies failed to properly staff for the massive influx of new customers. A lot of folks who have signed up for a private health plan through the exchanges have yet to get a bill, because it's taking the insurance companies a long time to process these new customers. The thing that sucks about that is that some people think they have insurance because they signed up, but won't really have it until they get the insurance card, etc.

And for you idiots asking why they have to have enrollment periods, READ THE DAMNED ARTICLE! It's to stop the "Free Riders" all you TPers complained about. You know, the people who wouldn't buy insurance until after a health setback. I recall some of you idiots advocating for dong that very thing. "Wait until you get sick, then buy insurance, since you can't be turned down." Well the open enrollment period is the penalty for not buying the insurance. You have a health setback, you can't get insurance until the next open enrollment. The positive is that no matter what the health setback is, you cannot be denied insurance.

And for most people Obama was correct, if you liked your plan, you could keep it. The vast majority of people have employer based health insurance, and most of those policies did not change.

Drudge Retort

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