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If anyone is interested, there are those looking to make detectors for these.

I'm highly interested. Even if I believed law enforcement applications were legitimate (I don't) the illegal abuse potential is monstrous.

To a certain extent I agree, although not to the extreme of believing this man is some sort of revolutionary hero. Where I agree though is our prison system is unquestionably deeply flawed, now a direct example of corporatist fascism. It is slavery 2.0, in all reality.

Should it be pleasant? Of course not. But it should be reserved for those who must be separated from society for their propensity to harm others. Robbers, thieves, (banksters,) rapists, murderers, (war criminals,) etc. What do we use it for? Large numbers of people who have committed victimless "crimes," people without the resources to play the money games that are probation and parole, particularly with their inability to get a decent job with criminal records that should not exist for those who have "done their time." Completely unjustified percentages of minorities.

Of course, not of those who abuse power. Murderers with a badge are not even charged often, prosecutors who are concerned with conviction rates over justice being more concerned with their good will and cooperation over doing their job. Meanwhile for-profit prisons actually encourage the spread of what is unquestionably a police state based on the abuse, lack of accountability, and intrusive (4th Amendment breaking) policies of authorities. They encourage this through both contracts that require a percentage of filled beds and lobbyists perverting the legal system with kick backs for ever longer prison sentences, more and more victimless crimes, and ever greater hurdles to breaking out of the system and finding fulfilling careers.

In other words, the system is designed to expand and self-perpetuate. It destroys lives, encourages recidivism, and creates a permanent under-class. It is truly the post-emancipation version of slavery, even still mostly making use of minorities.

In this aspect, I agree with several points in Shawn's posts, minus the hyperbolic belief that this career criminal is a hero, verses say, a lawyer whodedicated decades of their life to fighting to help people and change the system.

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