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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How could so many talented, well-meaning artists, who clearly loved and respected the original, produce such a raggedy-looking, thuddingly unfunny, utterly unnecessary reboot? read more

WASHINGTON DC  --  After more than three years as a fugitive, Edward Snowden is now in CIA custody, an Agency press release states. Sources inside the Agency claim that Snowden was captured in the early hours of the morning while walking the streets of Moscow's Arbat District, where he was ambushed by an extraordinary rendition team illegally operating on Russian soil.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Interviewing.io, a service which allows interviewers and interviewees to match up online and conduct interviews based on their communication skills recently set out to fix the "gender gap in tech" by creating a voice changer that would allow interviewees to mask their voice, and in turn their gender, in an attempt to tackle bigoted interviewers.

What the study revealed – to the shock of the feminists who organized it – was that women underperform in job interviews even when the interviewer believes them to be male...

Interviewing.io's Aline Lerner, who authored the report, originally hypothesized that differences in real-world interview results was down to employer discrimination against women, but the results quickly forced her to rethink her view. read more

Do students who choose to major in different fields have different academic aptitudes? This question is worth investigating for many reasons, including an understanding of what fields top students choose to pursue, the diversity of talent across various fields, and how this might reflect upon the majors and occupations a culture values...

According to a recent Payscale college salary report, STEM majors tend to be the most highly compensated. That STEM majors have consistently had the highest average academic aptitude may also reflect the fact that STEM disciplines are highly complex and require such aptitude...

These data show that US students who choose to major in education, essentially the bulk of people who become teachers, have for at least the last seven decades been selected from students at the lower end of the academic aptitude pool. read more

Friday, July 01, 2016

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Saturday with the FBI, a source close to the investigation into her private email server tells The Daily Caller. read more


Gal-pals forever!

DWS previously served in the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate, and was campaign co-chair for Hillary Clinton's 2008 unsuccessful run for President.


"[Sanders] tells CNN's Jake Tapper that if he is elected president, Debbie Wasserman Schultz would not be reappointed as DNC chairwoman"

DWS' response?

"This is a silly story. He won't be president."

#14 | Posted by BruceBanner

Sanders got systematically screwed, but that's okay, because the benefactor is your favored candidate.

conspiracy : a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal

huh. looks like that's exactly what's taken place.

tl;dr for the Epstein study (SEME study):

Our studies produced a wide range of VMPs (vote manipulation power***). In a real election, what proportion of undecided voters could actually be shifted using SEME? Our first two studies, which relied on a campaign and candidates that were unfamiliar to our subjects, produced overall VMPs in the range 36.7–63.3%, with demographic shifts occurring with VMPs as high as 80.0%. Our third study, with real voters in the midst of a real election, produced, overall, a lower VMP: just 10.6%, with optimizing our rankings raising the VMP to 12.3% and with the elimination of a small number of oppositional subjects raising the VMP to 24.5%, which is the value we would presumably have found if our search rankings had been optimized from the start and if we had advance knowledge about oppositional groups. In the third study, VMPs in some demographic groups were as high as 72.7%. If a search engine company optimized rankings continuously and sent customized rankings only to vulnerable undecided voters, there is no telling how high the VMP could be pushed, but it would almost certainly be higher than our modest efforts could achieve. Our investigation suggests that with optimized, targeted rankings, a VMP of at least 20% should be relatively easy to achieve in real elections. Even if only 60% of a population had Internet access and only 10% of voters were undecided, that would still allow control of elections with win margins up to 1.2% -- five times greater than the win margin in the 2010 race between Gillard and Abbott in Australia.

***more on VMP, or vote manipulation power:

Before Web research, we found no significant differences among the three groups with respect to the proportions of people who said that they would vote for one candidate or the other if the election were held today (Table 2). Following Web research, significant differences emerged among the three groups for this measure (Table 2), and the number of subjects who said they would vote for the favored candidate in the two bias groups combined increased by 48.4% (95% CI, 30.8–66.0%; McNemar's test, P < 0.01).

Even huffpo realizes:

The Clinton Foundation is a massive money-laundering scheme. Money goes in, State Department weapons deals come out.

Sorry, but it's not a vast right-wing conspiracy: The Clintons have been up to their eyeballs in shady deals and corruption scandals since their humble country bumpkin beginnings in Arkansas, which strangely enough was the staging ground for a massive CIA cocaine drug smuggling operation while Bill was governor. Coincidence or fate?

Enough already. When you're taking millions of dollars from the Saudis, and private rides on the "Lolita Express", you have no business being anywhere near the White House.

Just imagine the nightmare before us: Four years of Hillary Clinton lecturing the rest of the world about human rights and the rule of law; four years of Libya-style "humanitarian interventions"; four years of Boss Tweed in a pantsuit.

what could possibly be darker than Crooked Hillary's actual record on libya, syria, haiti, her vote for war in iraq (was she being "extremely careless" in that case as well?), or other crimes, etc?

This woman's left a trail of bodies in her wake at every point in her career, and people think that trump is hitler because of a few tweets?

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