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He wanted this (www.youtube.com) wackjob to step down from running the public integrity unit. Can't blame him for that.

But he might not have done it legally...

And that is the problem: the news is virtually all opinion now.

#28 | Posted by kanrei at 2014-08-15 12:51 PM | Reply

Which is probably symptomatic of the fact that any big 'issue' in society is rarely, if ever, black and white (pardon the pun). Objective reporting comes down to the ability to report as close to the objective truths that exist on both sides of whatever the issue is.

For example, the current situation in MO: there have been some ridiculous stories of looting and violence supposedly being committed in the name of protest. Similar to the Rodney king riots, asian store owners were the main victims of people protesting police brutality. Mob rule run amok really.

However, the other, and more important aspect of this situation: is racism in police departments, and the disgusting militarization of our police forces. Matt Drudge has done a very good job recently of reporting on the latter issue, but not enough on the former.

Another example: Rogers's anti-israel articles. This site has been 100% one-sided on that conflict and which (for the most part) objective articles he chose to post.

The indian reporters' video of hamas setting up a rocket feet from the media hotel somehow never made it here. Even though it was very clear and objective in showing what israel is up against.

Simply put, both of these and many other big issues in society are extremely complex and cannot be expressed in simple good guy/bad guy terms. That is the very first thing I say when people begin to debate the Israel/Hamas issue, everyone must be able to admit that there is no clear cut good guy/bad guy. And if you believe it's that simple, then you are a simpleton.

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