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Friday, November 20, 2015

"Fayadh's conviction was based on evidence from a prosecution witness who claimed to have heard him cursing God, Islam's Prophet Mohammad and Saudi Arabia, and the contents of a poetry book he had written years earlier."

"The case went to the Saudi appeals court and was then returned to the lower court, where a different judge on November 17 increased the sentence to death." read more

Saturday, September 26, 2015

CJ Pearson, a 13 year old Conservative and youtube sensation for some on the Right accused President Obama of blocking his following on Twitter.

There's just one problem... read more


Crassus, do you think terrorism is the only threat? As I pointed out in a previous thread:

52.6 per capita murders in the United States.
1.0 per capita murders in France.

But numbers on gun murders are best described by a chart:


So I'm betting that the French aren't displeased with their "gun laws" but more upset with the black market and open borders (and the thriving black market in Belgium) that allow illegal weapons into their Country. Like the ones used in these terrorist attacks.

Which is to say, gun laws work, but open borders (and in our case in the United States, no borders and states with minimal gun laws) make it difficult.

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