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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Newark mom remains horrified after her 10-year-old son was chased by officers who had their guns drawn believing he was a suspect in an armed robbery.

According to WABC, Legend Preston was playing basketball when the ball rolled into the street. The fifth-grader went after the ball, and began being chased by officers. Legend told the news station that he was being chased because he ran into the street without looking.

"I was scared for my life," Legend said. "I was thinking that they were going to shoot me." read more


This all started when the Republicans seduced and converted this guy:

"For example, here is an Associate Press Dispatch I read the other day about Smith L. Carpenter, a craftsman in Union Springs, New York. It seems that Mr. Carpenter retired some years ago thinking he had enough money saved up that he could live out his last years without having to worry. But he didn't figure on this Republican inflation, which ate up all of his savings, and so he's gone back to work. The reason this is news, is Mr. Carpenter is 91 years old.

Now, take as a contrast the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, which reported a net profit of $210 million after taxes for the first half of 1948; an increase of 70% in one year. In other words, high prices have not been caused by higher wages, but by bigger and bigger profits.

The Republican promises sounded pretty good in 1946, but what has happened since then, since the 80th Congress took over?

Prices have climbed to the highest level in history, although the death of the OPA was supposed to bring prices down through "the natural process of free competition".
Labor has been handcuffed with the vicious Taft-Hartley law.

Tax-reduction bills have been passed to benefit the higher-income brackets alone.

The average worker saved only $1.73 a week.

In the false name of economy, millions of children have been deprived of milk once provided through the federal school lunch program.

This was the payoff of the Republicans' promises.

And this is why we must have new faces in the Congress of the United States: Democratic faces……." aattp.org

--Ronald Reagan, Union (SAG) President, 1948

So conservatives believe that this person, (hollywoodhiccups.com Cher's daughter/son, Chastity/Chaz) should use the ladies room, because that won't cause any disruption, right?

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