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Whizzo is a cross between the English term whizzo which means superb, and Whizzo the clown, a TV clown from my youth.
A buddy of mine who travels to England a lot started the whizzo thing and that reminded me of a time as a child when I watched Whizzo and was actually on show once. When it came time to create a login (this time), it was on the top of my head. So Whizzo it was. I guess it means that sometimes I can post stuff that is worth while, other times not so much.
I was here as a former poster also. Posted under another name (never to be mentioned ever again) and left shortly after O was elected the first time. Something that I posted about Michelle was deleted and it pissed me off so much that I left. When I posted then I was frequently drunk. There were all these flame wars going on and I just liked to jump in and piss people off. Since I quit drinking I don't post that much. Most days I cant get my GAF meter up high enough to hit publish comment. I've always enjoyed reading here though. Some of the discussions and exchanges have actually changed my views on things.

Drudge Retort

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