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The big difference on Freddie Gray from some other recent cop/violence events is that Mr Gray die while 'in custody', and not during violence during an encounter or arrest.

Individuals engaging in self-harm while in custody certainly happens. But in most cases I'm aware of, they have histories of behavior and/or issues. I've read that Mr Gray had 'issues' but I'm withholding 'belief' from those stories for the moment until they are conformed by more sources.

Regardless, once a suspect is in custody, there is a reasonable expectation that they will not end up dead or maimed, and if they do, there better be a good explanation. So far that is lacking.

Something good lefties should keep in mind:
The more that police are painted into a corner, even if by their own actions, the more poor citizens will suffer. This is not say that there are not issues with current police 'use of force', as there ARE issues, and those issue SHOULD be addressed (and all such addressing should include veteran STREET COPS that are AT LEAST 10 years away from retirement).
But if rules are emplaced to create severe fear of prosecution of police, the police WILL follow those rules, even if it results in non-response and/or ineffective response to incidents that threaten the safety and wellbeing of citizens.

Any 'solution' should be signed off by veteran street cops who are at least 10 years away from retirement. Such cops will be able to give experienced input AND will have to live under any 'solution'.

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