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The Afghan War:
Was self inflicted by the Taliban. As for their 'promise' to extradite Osama, remember that they made that CONDITIONAL on them accepting the evidence we were to provide. Now remember all the Islamist that are still insisting Israel and/or the CIA did it. They'd never have handed him over, and talking to them is a waste of time.

Gulf War I:
Was all about Oil and national interests. As justification, we actually had an occupied country to liberate, but that was only the justification. Valid as the justification was, the REASON was oil. All in all, as far as history goes, Gulf War I was exceptionally legit.

Gulf War II:
There were a bunch of stated reasons, several of which BY THEMSELVES, 'justified' the war. The WMDs gets all the attention, only because it panned out poorly, but the several others stand just fine, even after 10+ years.
The REASON for invading is much more open to debate (unlike Gulf war I where it was pretty straight forward). But one thing is for sure: It was NOT about oil (or at least not mainly about oil).
My belief is that BushII and his advisors concluded that unless something resembling a western style democracy took root in the middle east, it would NEVER rise out of the Islamo-terrorist abyss it had become. It was not so much about Iraq, as it was about making getting the people of the Middle east to police their own by making a western style state. Iraq just happened to handy, ruled by a thug, and have several ready made justifications for invading.
The effort failed.
After ten plus years of blood and treasure, and then the region wide FAILURE of the 'Arab Spring', we've learned that the people of that region are hopeless. The best options are horrible 'least bad' options, like Assad.

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