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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Former president George W. Bush charged a veterans' charity $100,000 to speak at a fundraiser in 2012.

The former commander in chief was also provided with a private plane to fly to the event, which cost another $20,000, ABC News reports.

Bush spoke at a benefit for Helping a Hero, a nonprofit group that aids "severely wounded veterans returning from service in the War on Terror, primarily by partnering with the wounded hero to provide specially adapted homes to reintegrate them into their community," according to the charity's site. The organization benefits many veterans who were injured fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that Bush authorized. read more

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has appointed a person to lead the State Board of Education whose own kids have never attended a public school. The appointment of Houston Republican Donna Bahorich, a member of the board for two years, is being criticized by education groups and some of her colleagues because all three of her sons were home schooled and later attended a private high school. "Public school isn't for everybody, but when 94 percent of our students in Texas attend public schools I think it ought to be a baseline requirement that the chair of the State Board of Education have at least some experience in that realm, as a parent, teacher, something," said board member Thomas Ratliff.


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