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Again, ridiculously dishonest. I live in San Antonio, Texas. My city is a perfect rebuttal to your false assertion.

There is great poverty here. There is also great wealth here. This is also probably the #1 example in the world of a city that, while demographically and racially divided by very distinct lines (in most cases), actually has a very harmonious, culturally rich, and diverse society, and yes, low crime rates. This is true despite the fact that we have a large number of gangs, the Mexican mafia is very active here, and again I emphasize, GREAT POVERTY.

The atmosphere here is one of great trust as well as inter-class respect. Don't believe me? Come check it out.

Now on to the point. There is crime here. Go ahead and do your homework on where that crime takes place. There are affluent targets GALORE, my friend. A veritable shopping spree for the invader-thug.

Would you care to enlighten us on why you think there are extremely low incidences of violence and home invasion in these areas? Hints follow:

* it's not because the cops hang in those areas. No they are downtown, south town and west side dealing with problems. Hardly ever see them.

* it's not because we're all paranoid gated entrance types. Nope, like a said, availability everywhere.

* Is it because criminals are too stupid to think they could steal more from rich people than poor people? Nope.

The answer is simple. Criminals are afraid of what might happen to them when they venture into our neighborhoods.

Isn't that just hilarious irony?

It would have been more correct for you to say crime rates are driven by demographics, yes. Economics, maybe would be the important factor, if it weren't for these realities I'm explaining to you.

If you are still having trouble reconciling the truth of my former statements, just walk through this exercise:

You are a desperate person, whose only choice left is to steal something to survive. You know of 3 Houses with valuable belongings.

House 1. You have prior knowledge that the inhabitants do not possess any firearms.

House 2. You do not know whether or not the owners possess firearms.

House 3. You know the owner is a 'ahem' 'gun nut', and is armed.

Is there ever a time you would choose House 3? How often would you choose House 2 over House 1.

Now transpose the same situation to a city where it is illegal for anyone to own guns. How does this situation differ?

Your lesson is over for the day.. Test on Friday.

Drudge Retort

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