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So Auntie, what are the F's and D-?

I can see the bad grades from a Democratic perspective because whether the Republicans want to believe it or not, this president leans more to the right on most issues.

Stock Market - All time high with better gains than Reagan.www.businessweek.com

Defense - Continuing and expanding the Bush policies in regards to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Health Care - Took a conservative idea and put it on steroids and got away from single payer most Democrats wanted.

NSA - Expanded the spying programs started by Republican administrations.en.wikipedia.org(2001%E2%80%9307)

Fast & Furious - Similar program started under Bush en.wikipedia.org

I really don't see all the butt hurt with Obama when he has been more pro-business and pro-defense than many of the Republicans over the years. As has been pointed out many many times, Reagan would be a RINO in today's Republican party. I also don't understand the cheerleading from Democrats due to many of these policies.

Drudge Retort

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