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"You didn't want to say that it did, and you still want to argue a bunch of minutiae of questionable significance. Take that to some other site.
This discussion is about the school assignment and the propriety of it.


You are assigning an incorrect position to me so that you can try to claim some type of debate victory. Never once did I deny that the holocaust happened. Frankly, if you read exactly what I wrote:

"I believe that a lot of people died in WW2. The Germans are responsible for rounding up lots of people (jews, gays, communists, etc) and putting them into camps where many died due to disease, starvation, and overwork. The Germans are responsible for creating the camps and what happened as a result - like the south with Andersonville during the Civil War."

I don't know how anyone could read that and then claim that I denied the holocaust. Sorry, you are either being intentionally dishonest or you lack basic reading comprehension to assign that position to me. As far as arguing details - that is all this site does. I would expect most people to constantly try to improve their knowledge base. Most often, this occurs when you listen to viewpoints that don't align with your pre-existing beliefs. So, you can continue to put your fingers in your ears, close you eyes and shout nazi, holocaust denier, etc or whatever makes you feel happy. It does not bother me because no thinking person would take those actions and I don't have enough time or desire to educate someone that has no interest in learning.

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