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Have you ever checked the stock prices of any airline? They are on the verge of going under.

#18 | Posted by Sniper

Really? They coulda fooled me:


Airline CEO Total Salaries

In the United States, top airline CEO total compensation is worth several million dollars. For example, in 2008 one airline CEO saw his total salary exceed $17.4 million. In 2009, the top-10 U.S. airlines paid CEO salaries that ranged from $1.4 million to $8.4 million annually. The major U.S. airlines paid CEO salaries in 2011 that ran from $707,000 to more than $8.8 million annually.

#8 SPEAK - Agreed and NW. However a big part of the problem has been the corporatization of our news media where it no longer reports on USA political and corporate corruption unless the politics involved fit their agenda. They much prefer covering sensational crime stories of 10 years ago than investigating corruption of today, as the heavy work has been done. Everything today is about politics because politics equals power and cronyism equals money.

#12 | Posted by Robson

Again with your media obsession. Yes, sometimes the media will present a fake narrative on behalf of corporate or military interests, as it did in the run up to the iraq war. But for the most part, the media is simply selling what people want to buy. It's not a conspiracy to distract you with shallow tv shows and fluff news stories, it's simply pursuit of profit. They make what the largest masses of viewers watch.

If americans tuned in for exposes on corruption, trust me, media sources would spend a lot more on investigative journalism to expose corruption. But americans are generally too shallow and stupid to care about that sort of thing. They want to play along with "who murdered the blonde girl" stories and cluck about kim kardashian's latest surgery, so that's what the media gives them, in it's pursuit of ratings, which allows them to get more money from advertisers.
Again, not a conspiracy... just capitalism.

If you want real and honest media, you should be advocating better funding for public media like PBS.

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