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So while I probably disagree with Boaz on his overall opinions on climate change, I have to say that he's right in saying that pointing to one specific weather event as evidence of anything is wishful thinking more than anything else.

#8 | Posted by Sully

Everyone knows one event doesn't make a pattern, but that doesn't stop pollution-protecting whores from saying "global warming HUH?" every time there's a cool day in july.

But how many mega storms does it take to paint a picture?


"Across the Midwest the biggest storms increased by 103 percent from 1961 through 2011, a study released by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization and the Natural Resources Defense Council reported on Wednesday."

We are never going to have a storm that leaves a signed trail of destruction spelling out "this was caused by climate change" which is what the deniers are currently demanding. The beauty of being a denier is you can ignore any amount of evidence and call it incomplete, and be correct. Even when 99.9999999 percent of evidence is against you, you can still say you're open minded, simply waiting for consensus, as we make the problem exponentially worse.

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