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over the space of 14 years.....geesh

this just proves even more how little most of you know about family farms and subsidies that go to real people who work for a living and I don't mean a union 9 to 5 job where you're protected by goons and thugs....

You'd rather give loans to cronies like solyndra cause they vote democrat.....and then POCKET left over cash....

lets end this stuff NOW....but you'd have to end the MILLIONS in FALSE claims from the NAACP Farmers....IF you remember THAT?

#66 | Posted by afkabl2 at 2015-01-24 09:04 PM | Reply | Flag

Most Farmers read books while gps drives the combine these days. a grain farmer puts in a whole 12 days over 3 months.Been on lots of Union Jobs and out here in the prairies most of the farmers work as Union trades people(Farmers usually find welding a good skill to have as well as heavy duty mechanics) and the hours are more like 10 hour days as a minimum.They love a good hailstorm early in the season (crop insurance.)I have encountered goons before,but they were Professional strikebreakers and beat the crap out of me because I was the shop steward on the union side of the fence and exposed several dangerous conditions as well as the fact that they were bringing prostitutes on the Job as "Safety watches" on the Non-Union side.
I'm sure though it must of been hell for you though in the big money,highly dangerous position of high school band teacher.The thought of you being constantly beaten and intimidated by goons and thugs just so your useless union coworkers could ride your coattails to success is truly appalling.I weep for you.

Then came 2013, in which more crude oil was spilled in U.S. rail incidents than was spilled in the previous thirty-seven years.

I also guess you know why o'bummer is fighting the pipe. o'bummers biggest supporter is making billions from the raik shipments.

#34 | Posted by Sniper

Kanrei seems to gloss over a couple of facts.The rail stats don't include the largest incident the wiping out of a Canadian town and 47 residents.Despite the fact that it was Nebraska oil,it isn't included because the million and a half gallons were spilled in Canada.the people burnt don't count either in your stats because they were not employees of the oil industry.

In 3 years the current amount to be transported will double again as plant expansions across western North America come online.in 2011, about 68,000 carloads of fuel oils and crude petroleum were moving along Canadian rail lines. In 2012, that rose to nearly 113,000. Between January and September of 2013, some 118,000 carloads had already been moved. The Association of American Railroads estimates 400,000 crude carloads will move in the U.S. in 2013, up from 234,000 in 2012 and just 9,500 in 2008.www.edmontonjournal.com

A string of oil train explosions have highlighted the potential for harm. A train hauling 2.9 million gallons of Bakken oil derailed and exploded on November 8 in Aliceville, Alabama, and the oil that leaked but did not burn continues to foul the wetlands in the area.

On December 30th, a train collision in Casselton, North Dakota 20 miles outside of Fargo, prompted a mass evacuation of over half the town's residents after 18 cars exploded into fireballs visible for miles. 400,000 gallons of oil spilled after that accident, which involved two trains traveling well below local speed limits.

"Those crashes are all on the radar of the insurance industry," attorney Dean Hansell recently told Law360.

All told, railcar accidents spilled more than 1.15 million gallons of crude oil in 2013, federal data shows, compared with an average of just 22,000 gallons a year from 1975 through 2012 -- a fifty-fold spike.www.desmogblog.com

and the sand is cleaned It is used to fill in the old mine areas and trees are planted.The coke is processed and usually used as a fuel.

And of course, all the energy they use to produce steam to release the sands comes from emission free moonbeams and the tailings ponds are used for recreation. Why all those trees they are planting are far nicer than all the ones they erase to get to the tar sands.

Except the ones killing wildlife and contaminating streams and, of course, releasing those lovely carcinogenic PAHs. But, as the Canadian government says, "yes, they are releasing PAHs, but once they go up in the air, we're sure they aren't dangerous."

Ever been there? There are piles of sulphur that look like apartment buildings. I'm sure there is no run off from them, either.And that's just the stuff they remove before trying to sell the petcoke:

Petcoke is over 90 percent carbon and emits 5 to 10 percent more carbon dioxide (CO2) than coal on a per-unit-of-energy basis when it is burned. As petcoke has a higher energy content, petcoke emits between 30 and 80 percent more CO2 than coal per unit of weight.

It is being shipped to China to use to make the steel for the pipes TCPL will use to build the pipeline.

#93 | Posted by northguy3

Yes I spent 6 years in Fort McMurray working for Halliburton and Bechtel installing instrumentation.Sorry that the Scrubbing of sour gas results in big piles of elemental sulfur, I guess you would prefer it goes in the air like you do with your coal plants.
Rcade could probably back me up from my IP address here in Northern Alberta that I live 15 minutes from where Danni was claiming major spills occurred but refused to source her claims.As for the trees the do better without all the hydrocarbons in the ground they root deeper.I saw elk and dear and a lot of freaking Magpies while hiking out in Muskeg river.
How are the trees doing from your shale oil industry? Any reclamation at all after you blow the mountain tops.At least we recognized the tailing ponds as a hazard and worked together to solve the problem so that things The Lake of Doom at Suncor becomes a thing of the past.How much time have you spent here?

Canadian crude is close to asphalt. Its all intended for export with whoever is in its path assuming all the risks.

Kanrei's link shows Government at its very worst, law written of, by and for a foreign Corporation in exchange for a bribe (aka campaign contribution).

#56 | Posted by nutcase at 2015-01-21 11:02 PM | Reply | Flag:
What is a foriegn Corporation these days.
The only thing really foreign about transcanada pipelines is its name.It is multinational that has been on both sides of the border since 1950.Walmart and citibank, and apple and close to 400 other institutions own 48 percent of transcanada corp the rest private shareholders trading through the NASDAQ.A real stretch to call it Foreign.Flint hill resources who own the shipping terminal in Hardisty Alberta however is 100 percent owned by the Koch bros( they also own part of transcanada pipelines.

Redial,I doubt many of the Americans understand that they are shipping "American Oil" across the border into Canada every day in the east as we ship our oil across the west.In addition For 40 years America has been shipping their oil from Alaska to Cherry Point in single hulled tankers hugging the 12 mile limit down the west coast of Canada to avoid paying fees to Canada for a pipeline crossing that met Canadian standards.Of course the environment loving Americans don't really care about the fact that they have been and continue to ship oil along our coast threatening Vancouver with Exxon Valdez incidents daily.No they want to cry about a company with a Houston corporate office registered as a American corporation building a pipeline using American Unionized labor to engineer and construct the section that runs through America as Foreign oppression.Kinda hypocritical imho.

and AS USUAL with any MM comment I WANT TO ASK HIM....why do you edit your films in CANADA ?????? or at least two of them,.,.

people are TALKING now about both of them.,....what else do limo libs live for ??

#19 | Posted by afkabl2
Clint Eastwood has also failed your real american standard.
The filming of "Unforgiven" required construction of a town which would realistically reflect the 1880s. All indications of modern life had to be absent, not just on the immediate premises, but for an uninterrupted 360-degree vista.

Producer, director and star Clint Eastwood insisted that the locations be an extension of the story. Familiar with the area surrounding Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from previous visits, he knew that the rugged, sparsely settled terrain of the area closely resembled the American West of the late 19th century.

Working in cooperation with Bill Marsden, the film commissioner for the province of Alberta, Eastwood personally chose the site for the town of Big Whiskey, as well as the placement of Bill Munny's and Ned Logan's farms and Bill Daggett's lakeside house.

Food service, you say...
Bring on the temporary minimum wage jobs!
Exactly the kinds of jobs our country needs more of.

#120 | Posted by snoofy

Why not do some research

"indirect" work for companies supplying goods and services, including concrete, fuel, surveying, welding materials and earth-moving equipment required for the project, and "induced" jobs resulting from money spent by workers and suppliers, such as ranchers providing beef for restaurants and construction camps. Counting up everything, the State Department estimates a total of 42,100 jobs could be created.

Andrea the Fuss is the American Multi's have heavy oil refineries that they already use foreign oil in.They used to refine stock from Venezuela from obtained from the Orinoco belt in a joint venture, then Chavez seized their assets.
Now the Canadian heavy oil and bitumen can be refined in these plants and is cheaper and cleaner than the Venezuelan stock they are reluctantly still using.Rather than build more new heavy oil refineries and upgraders in Canada it makes more economic sense to use the Canadian Stock in the existing refineries and stop using the Venezuelan Oil.
Now despite what some here assert, that Oil does not belong to any form of Canadian Government.Alberta owns the Land.They put up leases for sections of the oil sands for open bid.The winner builds a mine and extracts the bitumen and they pay a royalty for the privilege but they own the product.Most are American Owned like Exxon ,Imperial etc.Some are From China Europe etc.Some are Canadian.My point is that it is American owned companies trying to get their own property to their own existing refinery.If its not by Pipeline it will be by train.

Transcanada corp is a transmission company publicly traded doing business on both sides of the border since the 1940's.Funny how Danni tries to stir up anti Canada sentiment despite the fact that most major players are Americans not Canadians.All we Canadians did is fail to discriminate against Americans in a supposedly free market while it is obvious that Americans like Danni and Larry will discriminate against Canadians within the borders of the USA.

aloney. They are going to attempt to pump thick, nasty crude that needs to be heated to flow over 900 miles and expect us to believe there won't be continual accidents and spills.

#33 | Posted by danni

Still promoting that lie Danni.It doesn't need to be heated to travel in the pipeline.Your just lying despite knowing better.I have asked you several times to prove your claim but you always run away once confronted.Maybe your just racist against Canadians and that is your self justification for knowingly repeating false claims?

FYI there are 400,000 km of pipelines in Alberta(despite dannis earlier claim of none).,as for the list of spills I would like a link.I find it suspect as 5 km north of Redwater is a farmers field and the majority of those towns listed having spills are not in the Oilsands regions- which are Cold lake and FT McMurray.
The Pegasus pipeline is not under Canadian control.It is 100 percent American owned and operated and over 70 years old.Spills happen frequently but lets cut out the crap.As for the Dirtiest Oil claims another lie.

Researchers for California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard have recently released new data measuring the carbon intensity of various crude oil blends, including diluted bitumen (a.k.a. ‘dilbit') and upgraded synthetic crude oil (‘SCO') from the Canadian oilsands. The Californian findings will not be well-received by anti-oilsands activists.

Among the findings that may surprise:

• There are 13 oil fields in California, plus crude oil blends originating in at least six other countries, that generate a higher level of upstream greenhouse gas emissions than Canadian dilbit blends;

• Crude oil from Alaska's North Slope, which makes up about 12 per cent of California's total crude slate, is actually "dirtier" than the Canadian dilbit known as "Access Western Blend";

• The "dirtiest oil in North America" is not produced in Canada, but just outside Los Angeles, where the Placerita oil field generates about twice the level of upstream emissions as Canadian oilsands production; and

• The title of "world's dirtiest oil" goes to Brass crude blend from Nigeria, where the uncontrolled release of methane during the oil extraction process generates upstream GHG emissions that are over four times higher than Canadian dilbit.

Partial list of spills in Alberta last month (where the tar sands are):

Oct 3, 2014 – Canadian Natural Resources Limited – 11Km East of Delia – 10,000 litres of Crude oil
Oct 5, 2014 – Nexen Energy ULC – 2.5Km SouthWest of Kinosis – 5,800 litres of Toxic water
Oct 5, 2014 – Cenovus Energy Inc – 56Km East of Brooks – 9,800 litres of Toxic water
Oct 5, 2014 – Nexen Energy ULC – 41Km SouthEast of Ft. McMurray – 13,000 litres of Condensate
Oct 10, 2014 – Husky Oil – 30Km SouthEast of Vermilion – 50,000 litres of Crude oil and 25,000 litres of toxic water
Oct 13, 2014 – Arc Resources – 5Km North of Redwater – 150,000 litres of Toxic water
Oct 11, 2014 – TAQA North Ltd – 44Km SouthWest of Spirit River – 24,000 litres of Crude oil
Oct 14, 2014 – Whitecap Resources Inc – 37Km NorthWest of Sexsmith – 10,000 litres of Toxic water
Oct 15, 2014 – Penn West Petroleum Ltd -14Km SouthEast of Slave Lake – 52,000 litres Crude oil
Oct 14, 2014 – Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd – 26Km NorthWest of Vauxhall – 8,000 litres of Toxic water
Oct 17, 2014 – TAQA North Ltd – 32Km NorthWest of Rocky Mountain House – 18,000 litres of Toxic water
Oct 21, 2014 – Harvest Operations Corp – 20Km East of Galahad – 200,000 litres of Toxic water
Oct 26, 2014 – Apache Canada Ltd -9Km East of Zama City – 50,000 litres of Toxic water
Total = Over 625,000 Litres of toxic crap spilled in Alberta for just the month of October and not one Mainstream media reports about it.

If you actually watched mainstream Canadian Media you would see that spills are reported to the government and in the provincial news.In fact global news recently did a 7 part story covering all the pipeline links since 1975.

The majority of these towns are not in the Tarsands {Ft McMurray and Cold Lake are where the deposits are}and I request a link to your source since It makes no sense to me.For example 5 km north of redwater is a empty field.I drove past it yesterday.

PS Dani stop making up stuff.Prove your contention that the Oil Sands product needs to be heated in the pipeline to flow.I have given you links in the past to prove your wrong and been nice about it but you always run away like a coward when challenged.Put up or shut up!

Extreme right, Christians, gays, atheists, secularist, nationalist,all have a vested interest in sending the Packys packing.

#13 | Posted by docnjo

I feel sorry for you.The child prostitution problem is not related to Islam any more than Christianity is responsible for the Hell's Angels and other criminal gangs that abuse and exploit women into prostitution in the United States.There actions are criminal for profit not tenants of any faith.Thugs come in all colors.

You claim the gangs only target non-muslims is a lie.

The report, ‘Unheard Voices: The Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women,' is based on 35 case studies from across England submitted in a call for evidence. The majority are Muslim with almost two thirds of British Pakistani heritage. Key findings from the research include:

· Asian victims of sexual exploitation are being overlooked by front line agencies and little if anything is being done to identify them so they can be helped

· The majority of victims reported to the researchers were between 13 and 14 years old -the oldest was in her 30s with a learning disability

· At least a third of the victims had suffered sexual abuse when they were younger

· Blackmail connected with shame and dishonour is often used to control victims

· The offenders were most often from the same ethnic background as the victim and in two thirds of the cases, perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage

· The perpetrators were of Afghani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, White and Mixed backgrounds

· 86% of the cases involved men operating in groups, with some involving online grooming

· Some victims were unaware of the extent or the different ways in which they were violated or by how many men due to drugs and alcohol

· Attitudes amongst Asian and Muslim communities are mainly dismissive or disbelieving in relation to child sexual exploitation.

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