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Monday, October 24, 2016

Kenneth Kizer of UC Davis describes innovations that make it possible for providers to reach large groups of people in new ways.

As director of the Institute for Population Health Improvement at the University of California, Davis, Kenneth W. Kizer brings plenty of experience in the use of technology to help manage large populations.

A physician by training who is board-certified in several specialties, Dr. Kizer was California's top health official before serving as undersecretary for health in the Department of Veterans Affairs in the 1990s. At the VA, he is credited with modernizing the nation's largest health system, including adopting one of the first major electronic health records systems.

He later was founding president and chief executive of the National Quality Forum, which sets quality standards and performance measures for U.S. health-care providers. read more

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A fund-raiser launched to replace a bullet-riddled memorial sign marking the location where Emmett Till's mutilated body was discovered in 1955 has reached its $15,000 goal.

The marker, which is one of eight memorializing the racially charged murder of the Chicago teen, has been repeatedly vandalized since it first went up in 2007 and earned widespread attention earlier this week when filmmaker Kevin Wilson Jr. shared a photo of the sign on Facebook, writing its destruction was "clear evidence we still have a long way to go."

The men responsible for the teen's death went on to be found "not guilty" by an all-white jury. read more

The easiest diet you will ever follow:

- Step 1: Eat steak and eggs
- Step 2: Repeat read more

I know this comes up from time to time, but how is a youtube posted again?

Below is a url that I bracketed, so if the video doesn't post after I post, can one of you kind souls please provide me some guidance?

Thank you in advance! read more

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Suppose two jumbo jets crashed every day, killing a total of about 365,000 people in a year. Remarkably enough that's about the level of carnage caused every year in our country by avoidable medical mistakes.

We would never tolerate such an incredible loss of life were it caused by recurring plane crashes (or most anything else). The Federal Aviation Authority would be given immediate and unlimited funding to figure out exactly why the planes were crashing and to do whatever it takes to make them safe again.

In fact, complete reporting of mistakes, and constantly correcting them, has made flying in a commercial plane about the safest thing a person can ever do.

In contrast, and inexplicably, we tolerate an equivalent loss of life caused by medical mistakes, despite the fact that they have become the third leading cause of death in the US. There is no public fear and rage, no sustained and coordinated effort to identify the major sources of error and eliminate them. read more


how about fish, steak, and eggs?

what about cheeses, cheeses are out?

again, no sauce?


What you're asking is really more along the lines of the Paleo Diet, minus the cheese ...


And as far as I can tell, Paleo Diet does allow certain sauces.

For the Steak & Eggs Diet, that's it. Well, also lots of butter for the eggs or reheating the steak (in my case, cooked chuck roast) on the stove top. You also get 1 high carb meal per week.

Patient and mortuary neglect

There are certain segments of the health care industry that are seeing downward moves in neglect, while other sections are experiencing unfortunate growth.

In modern hospitals the most prevalent form of neglect deals with the patients themselves neglecting their own care.

However, in other segments such as assisted living for mentally deficient patients the rates of abuse and neglect are still relatively high.

Looks like neglect, let alone mistakes, happens all the time. And that's something that needs to be fixed.

That said, the problems as spelled out above show that it's a problem everywhere.

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