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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The new report out of the Congressional Budget Office confirms what Republicans have said all along: Raising the minimum wage could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. Under normal circumstances, this would be a devastating blow to the Democrats.

But these are exciting times. Now, evidence of one thing from nonpartisan sources can be mined and manipulated to read as evidence of the opposite. Earlier, when the CBO said the Affordable Care Act could make 2 million Americans less likely to seek work, that was spun by the left as: Obamacare releases 2 million workers from the pressures of "job lock."


"As I've mentioned before, this whole thing is caused by a deliberate effort of greens to destroy ranchers."

One of my biggest concerns, based on historical trends, is that now the Federal Government will impose more restrictions on BLM lands. I remember being able to ride motorbikes in Idaho in areas that are now completely off limits. I think one of the reasons that BLM lands went unnoticed for so long is that the residents of San Francisco, Manhattan, and DC, are unaware of their existence. So there was no initiative to control those areas.

The one area where I agree with tjhe protesters is that these lands should be regulated by the state, if for no other reason to ensure that an out-of-state Federal organism does not regulate a region in a manner which is counter to how a local government would have done it.

But Bundy is still a tool. I could give a ---- about his Mormon Ancestors.

"So can I plant corn in a State Park? No. Like you, I was looking for a way to side with the guy, but I have yet to see why I should."

But you could plant corn on BLM land. It just wouldn't belong to you. Or maybe it would if you purchased some sort of growing right. Or claimed that becuase your Mormon great, great grandfather grew a corn there once upon a time, you can too.

"No, they would be there wouldn't they be now. They aren't there."

I'm from that area. Grazing rights cost pennies on the dollar. I would almsot guarantee you there is someone who would purchase that lease if it were still available.

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