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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Recently, Johns Hopkins University political scientists Jennifer Bachner and Benjamin Ginsberg conducted a study of the unglamorous D.C. bureaucrat. These are the people who keep the federal government humming -- the Hill staffers, the project managers and all those desk workers who vaguely describe themselves as "analysts."

For all their influence, nearly all of these technocrats are unelected, and they spend most of their time with people who are just like them -- other highly educated folk who jog conspicuously in college tees and own a collection of NPR totes.

On a wide range of issues, bureaucrats believe that Americans are ignorant. Predictably, the bureaucrats also think that the government should not take what the public says too seriously. Mostly, they believe that officials like them should use their best judgment instead of following public opinion.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Bass Pro Shops has reached a deal to acquire outdoors retail competitor Cabela's and take the company private in a deal valued at $5.5 billion, the companies said Monday. Privately held Bass Pro Shops will pay $65.50 per share in cash for Cabela's, representing a premium of 19.2% over Friday's closing price. Cabela's shares rose 14.7% to $62.99 in pre-market trading Monday. The deal unites two outdoor supply superstores aimed at catering to every need of those who hunt, fish, camp or otherwise venture into the wilderness. Bass Pro Shops has about 99 stores and 20,000 employees. Cabela's has about 85 stores and had about 19,700 employees at the end of 2015.

America's military personnel will have a new commander in chief come January, whether they like it or not, and the two most likely choices could produce two drastically different militaries over the next four years.

To be sure, the two have scrambled party lines on national security, staking out positions often at odds with traditional Republicans and Democrats.

Trump has denounced past attempts at "nation building" and elicited concerns from foreign allies accustomed to Republican rhetoric of a more active role for the U.S. military.

Clinton sits closer to the status quo, promising a military that is historically small but high-tech and lethal. Few Democrats have more consistently favored the use of military force.

It's not a clear cut choice for many troops, who have voiced their displeasure with both candidates.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Clashes with Indian troops cost two Pakistani soldiers their lives on the de facto border between the two countries. The Indian army said it took action in the disputed region to foil a "terrorist attack," according to India's Director General of Military Operations. But Pakistan insisted that no incursion had taken place into the territory it controls, saying there had only been an exchange of fire. It promised a "forceful response" if there was a repeat of the operation. The incident comes less than two weeks after 18 Indian soldiers died in an attack by armed militants on an army base in Uri, about 63 miles from Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Simple enough: his profile doesn't fit established media narratives from the left or right.

1. The suspect was Muslim, but as of yet there's no evidence he was a jihadist.
2. He was mentally ill.
3. He used neither a handgun nor an 'assault weapon'. He used a .22.
4. He tried to buy a handgun earlier, but was denied by a gun store.
5. He had voted in 3 elections, but wasn't a US citizen (Washington State doesn't require proof of citizenship).
6. He held a green card, but had been arrested more than once and charged with a laundry list of crimes. read more


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