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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Washington Examiner editorial: Seventy-five years ago today, Congress declared war on Japan. U.S. declarations of war against Germany and Italy followed four days later, and Congress hasn't declared war since. Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Granada, Kosovo, Bosnia, Yemen, Lebanon, Panama, Somalia -- America fought its wars in all these places without an official declaration. Usually Congress passed some sort of authorization, but often, most recently in Libya, even that step was skipped. The executive has steadily seized war powers from the legislative branch, where the Constitution places it. And the legislative branch has been happy to abdicate its responsibility. President Obama, in his final anti-terrorism speech in office, called on Congress Tuesday to reclaim its duty. read more

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Rescuers are still combing the rubble for survivors after an earthquake in Indonesia's Aceh province on Wednesday morning.

At least 97 people were killed, including young children, and 73 seriously injured, Aceh Army Chief Commander Major General Tatang Sulaiman told CNN.

The shallow 6.5-magnitude quake damaged many homes, shops and mosques, in the district of Pidie Jaya, hundreds of which had been completely destroyed.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Video and images have emerged from inside the doomed Oakland warehouse depicting a squalid 'hell-hole' not fit to live in.

Dark and dingy rooms don't look fit for humans, with exposed electrical wires and panels, venting pipes and piles of junk and old clothes everywhere.

Tenant Shelley Mack, who disclosed the pictures, also revealed that there were three fires while she lived there caused by electrical faults.

'They were isolated fires, a transponder blew up and electrical sockets got overloaded, everybody was very aware that the place was a fire hazard, it was filled with old dried wood and wooden furniture.

"There were power cords and extension cords hooked up to extension cords everywhere. To get across all the place to heat and light all the trailers. Everybody would plug in and they'd get overloaded, refrigerators and microwaves and cell phones, lots of electrical equipment and massive stereo equipment, any system would have been overloaded."

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Of the nearly 700 counties that twice sent Obama to the White House, a stunning one-third flipped to support Trump.

Trump also won 194 of the 207 counties that voted for Obama either in 2008 or 2012.

By contrast, of those 2,200 counties that never supported Obama, Clinton was only able to win six. That's just 0.3 percent crossover to the Democratic side.

Clinton had more opportunities to peel counties from the Republicans. Historically, Democrats rely on few (but very populous) counties to chart a path to victory. Republicans, by contrast, draw support from a wide swath of many more rural and suburban counties.

For starters, I am tired of hearing about our democracy and the popular vote. We are not a democracy, and a whole lot of people should be really glad about that, too, because in a democracy, mob rule applies. The majority is the boss of everybody, and if we had been a democracy in 1865 slavery would have never been abolished. If we had been a democracy in 1920, the women would have never gotten the vote. If we had been a democracy in 1964 and 1965, those historic pieces of civil rights legislation would never have been approved. In fact, if we had been a democracy in 1776, the Declaration of Independence would never have been adopted because the majority of the colonists were afraid to pursue independence, just like a majority of Americans opposed women's suffrage and abolition and sweeping civil rights reform. read more



Band estimated that he'd helped to secure work for the former president that yielded more than $30 million in personal profit between when Clinton left office in 2001 and when the memo was drafted in 2011, with another $66 million in the pipeline at the time.

Band's memo also documents the interlocking relationship between the Clinton Foundation's corporate contributors, Teneo clients and Bill Clinton's personal wealth.

◾UBS Wealth Management contributed $540,000 to the foundation between 2005 and 2011. UBS paid Clinton $450,000 for speeches (with another $450,000 pledged in 2012).
◾BHP Billiton gave $20,000 the foundation in 2011. The following year, the company invited Clinton to speak to its board of directors for $175,000.
◾Barclays Capital contributed $1.1 million to the foundation between 2008 and 2011. Clinton delivered two paid speeches to the company during that time for $700,000.
◾Laureate International Universities gave $1.4 million to the foundation between 2009 and 2011. The relationship "evolved into a personal advisory services business relationship" for which Clinton was paid $3.5 million a year.

[T]his guy put $100 million in the Clinton's joint pockets while Hillary was still the Secretary of State. I shudder to think what a memo of similar topic from a few years later would reveal, when BOTH of the Clintons were raking in six-figure speaking fees. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see an enormous intersection of money and influence happening during Clinton's tenure as SOS. Previous emails already demonstrated that CGI received large donations in return for access to the SOS. Now we see that those donations were just part of the payola, with the rest coming as personal wealth for the Clintons. That is the very definition of pay-for-play.

#8 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2016-10-28 08:59 AM

For those unaware of the issues surrounding snow geese:

A management plan written in 1982, when the Mid-continent breeding population was 1.7 million, specified a desired breeding population size between 800,000 and 1.2 million birds. The winter count crossed the two million mark in 1991 - the 1995 estimate was 2.7 million. Those numbers confirm that the snow goose population is growing but they don't document a problem. However, the 1982 Management Plan suggested that the "Mid-continent snow geese may have exceeded the carrying capacity in some colonies ..." Ongoing research has confirmed that the carrying capacity of the habitat in some areas has been exceeded to the point that "permanent damage to tundra vegetation" is occurring. In addition, and because of the amount of vegetation removed by snow geese, the salt content of remaining soils has increased, killing all vegetation. The effect is so widespread and significant that it is easily observed in data collected by satellites.


The breeding population of the lesser snow goose exceeds 5 million birds, an increase of more than 300% since the mid-1970s. The population is increasing at a rate of more than 5% per year. Non-breeding geese (juveniles or adults that fail to nest successfully) are not included in this estimate, so the total number of geese is even higher. Lesser snow goose population indices are the highest they have been since population records have been kept, and evidence suggests that large breeding populations are spreading to previously untouched sections of the Hudson Bay coastline.


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