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A natural born citizen is just what it sounds like....a citizen at birth with no requirement to "become" one at a later date through the normal naturalization process.

harvardlawreview.org Third and 4th paragraph pretty much explains it as I've always understood it. But I'm a lowly programmer and legal things generally give me a headache or make me sleepy. :)

OWS brings up a good point that there is enough to question and that almost guarantees a legal battle if he gets the primary nod.

Pricey. I wonder what the regular rate is in Canada. It's almost like they are pricing it so that there will still be an off book demand for the mom/pop operations that only sell part time.

Generally around here it's 100 a quarter for good weed, 40 for soso. Price adjusts based on quantity so 1/4@100, 1/2@180, etc.

When Colorado legalized it they interviewed a guy who called himself a "dumpster dealer". He went on to explain that they throw away just about everything but the buds and he'd dumpster dive, grab what was there and make hash out of it. Said it was the best thing that happened since most of the time his supply is free.

Drudge Retort

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