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"You are completely full of crap. The only thing Carter did to Iran was to allow the Shah to come here for medical treatment after he was chased out of Iran. Hardly an aggressive action against Iran. Our relationship with that nation was oppositional going back to the early fifties when our CIA brought about a coup there and removed a democratically elected President. So, you want to blame someone? Probably Truman.


Start reading history instead of the crap that Liberal writers dream up.

Carter gave support to Saddam in the war against the Iranians!

This "democratically elected President" did something only a dictator of the likes of Venezuela or North Korea would do. Nationalize (stole) the equity of a private company because you think you can? There was a breakdown in negotiations and Mossadegh thought that he had the right to just take it all. Big mistake. Yeah, I don't like the way CIA handled it. It was 1953 and you forget an important item that was against the Iranians at the time: they helped Hitler... Oops! Also, this feeble and weak nation thought that they would take over a region that was at the center of the World's economy!! Really?

Yes. The Iranians had a lot to be angry with, but the Shah brought Iran into the 20th Century and made the country rich. I'm not giving this guy a pass either. He was brutal. But so is every other Middle Eastern ruler (unfortunately). The Iranians had a lot to be angry with US, but Carter made it permanent by supporting Saddam in the war against Iran and giving him chemical weapons.

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