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It's great to see a more informed public giving feedback on the bioweapon vaccines, that the producers thereof are completely immune from lawsuits payouts to the harm that they inflict in the US by US law.

Ever wonder why the vaccine companies happen to have this immunity from the expense of lawsuits? They lose vaccine damage suits all the time, just the US taxpayers, pay other US citizens...

Even thimerasol is a strawman...there are far worse things in the vaccines that the manufacturers don't want you to know about:

Adjuvants. Google it, horrible stuff, maybe what is actually making the vaccines weaponized.

Squalene. Causes autoimmune responses in 100% of those injected! just the time to symptoms varies.

Nano Aluminum. Aluminum, yes the Alzheimer's thingies is WORSE for the body and brain than mercury, but as, I the words of a scientist who knows better, and LAUGHED about it, "the public doesn't know how bad aluminum is for them."

The German Chancellor and govt officials, when they got heat for not taking their shots, got shots that were manufactured SEPARATELY, without the adjuvants and preservatives for theirs, WHICH THE PUBLIC COULD NOT GET.

Ppl are killing vaccination personnel in India and Pakistan because good ol' -------------- Billy boy Gates funded Polio campaign is causing "Polio like syndromes" in 10s of THOUSANDS. So they are fighting for their children. Before India vaccinated for polio, there were only ~168 cases a year in a BILLION person society. With vaccination against polio, there are now 10s of thousands...even they figured it out!

Take your shots, please.

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