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Monday, June 20, 2016


Readers with passing knowledge of net neutrality may have heard that it means that Internet service providers must treat all Internet traffic the same. This notion of equal treatment, repeated in the first line of the court opinion, has unknown origins, makes no appearance in the rules, and is widely derided by network engineers as a fantasy. Many services transmitted on broadband lines would break with "equal" treatment.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is persecuting ExxonMobil XOM +0.44% and now me for having opinions on fossil FOSL +3.61% fuels she disagrees with. My company, the Center for Industrial Progress, is one of the 12 cited in the new subpoena of Exxon, meaning that Exxon is supposed to release any private or confidential correspondence any of its employees have ever had with anyone from my company. I have nothing to fear whatsoever about what such a witch-hunt would or wouldn't reveal on my end, but I do not tolerate anyone violating my rights.

So I wrote the Attorney General a three-word response that is not appropriate for a family publication. See it here.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Someone was shot in Chicago every 150 minutes during the first five months of 2016. Someone was murdered every 14 hours, and the city saw nearly 1,400 nonfatal shootings and 240 fatalities from gunfire. Over Memorial Day weekend, 69 people were shot, nearly one an hour, topping the previous year's tally of 53 shootings. The violence is spilling from the Chicago's gang-infested South and West Sides into the business district downtown. Lake Shore Drive has seen drive-by shootings and robberies.

The growing mayhem is the result of Chicago police officers' withdrawing from proactive enforcement, making the city a dramatic example of what I have called the Ferguson effect. [snip]...the conceit that American policing is lethally racist has dominated media and political discourse, from the White House on down. Cops in minority neighborhoods in Chicago and other cities have responded by backing away from pedestrian stops and public-order policing; criminals are flourishing in the vacuum.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Over the years people on the Retort have changed their screen names. I am listing as many as I can recall.

The inspiration for Muslims to brutalize and mass murder gay people does not come from ISIS. It is deeply rooted in Islamic law, affirmed by many of Islam's most renowned scholars. This is why, wherever sharia is the law, homosexuals are persecuted and killed. See, for instance, this 2014 Washington Post report listing ten Muslim countries where homosexuality may be punished by death (Yemen, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Iraq -- notwithstanding its new, U.S.-supported constitution).


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Do you even care that most deniers

First off, I reject the term "denier" as it's typically applied to those whom deny the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazi's. It's an absolutely repugnant term to throw about wantonly. Now, before you think I'm getting all butt-hurt - I'm not. I am just pointing out that your causal use of that term can be taken far more offensively than you might realize.

who have little to no formal scientific education,

It's not an unfair point, but I hate appeals to authority. It's one thing to, say, create a thread on the DR only to have the very first person who posts reflexively slaughter the source. "This guy's an idiot! I wonder how much he's being paid....ya-ya, etc." And then to respond to the character-assassination by pointing out the source's credentials/resume. And it's not being done to shut up the dissent with an appeal to authority. It's to point out that this person in fact has the credentials to comment on this so instead of just brushing this source off why don't you try deconstructing this source's arguments on merit, or lack of? My point is this: I have little-to-no formal scientific education. Having said that, I fully understand the Scientific Method and to proclaim that we currently have complete knowledge of macro-climate to the point where anyone can say, 'The science is settled' is an agenda-driven hack.

let alone education in the applicable scientific fields to make them informed enough to accurately comment on the topic?

I guess I am uncertain where you are going with this. It seems like another appeal to authority. People comment on topics all of the time when they are, at best, laymen. So what?

Of course you would think that. You don't believe in global warming and you think anybody who does is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.


Now you are getting desperate.

If VW lied about diesel engines, then weren't those lies told for the benefit of the shareholders?


Given your usual track-record, that's not a horrible comparison. But of course it's very shallow. VW qualified for all sorts of generous subsidies (US taxpayer subsidies) based upon them touting how green their diesel platforms were. As for Exxon, apparently back in 1997 a big-wig scoffed at the AGW theory and for that he must be made to pay an exorbitant price, 29 years later.

When Enron was involved in a huge international corporate shell game, should they have been allowed to keep that to themselves?

True to form. I gave you props with the VW comparison for not being horribly absurd in terms of equivalence. And then you bust out Enron and Arthur Andersen as if concocting a massive pyramid scheme and then aligning with a Certified Public Accounting firm to literally destroy documents a la the IRS via Lois Lerner and the Obama administration as if it's even remotely equivalent with "deliberately clouding the public debate about science".

What is utterly insane is that you actually believe that questioning the AGW theory is tantamount to fraud. No matter how many times I point out the obvious you completely ignore how odious it is that government would try and make the case that voicing skepticism of the AGW theory constitutes fraud and therefore is subject to investigation and even prosecution. It's not unlike the HUAC except that it requires a lower burden of proof.

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