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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A new report from USA Today uncovers a little-known scheme on the part of federal drug agents, who -- in their attempt to intercept money couriers connected to the drug trade -- have been mining American's travel records in order to seize and keep hundreds of millions of dollars from these couriers, sometimes without even making arrests or pursuing criminal charges.

This practice, known as civil asset forfeiture, has received much attention in recent years.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Back in February, candidates for the Republican nomination for president debated each other in South Carolina. The Saturday evening discussion was raucous. Donald Trump did something downright shocking for a debate a few days before an important Republican primary. He went after the country's last Republican president, George W. Bush. Hard. He went after the Republican Party's general foreign policy approach. Hard.

Moderator John Dickerson asked him about his 2008 comments in favor of impeaching George W. Bush. He had said that year that Bush had "lied" to get the United States into a war in Iraq

Thursday, August 11, 2016

America is looking for its next leader, and the best candidate has been hiding in plain sight the whole time. One look at actor and professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram feed, and you'll quickly see how much he loves his family, his fans, and his country.

Whether he's on set, traveling, or hitting the gym, The Rock is giving it is his all. He embodies the American values of hard work and freedom, and here are some of his posts that show exactly that. While you may not be able to smell what The Rock is cooking at this particular moment, I can assure you that it smells like freedom and American greatness.

Monday, August 08, 2016

For quite some time the American Left has been busy turning American law into a partisan political weapon. Various progressive factions have undertaken a disparate and uncoordinated but still ideologically homogeneous effort to criminalize dissent using the courts and statutory law.

By most traditional metrics, these efforts have been failures: the liberals have often lost, and the conservative targets have avoided jail time or crippling criminal or civil convictions or penalties. But the weaponization of our legal system should not be judged by traditional metrics. The point is not for liberals to "win" any particular lawsuit or legal enforcement so much as it is to use lawsuits and the law as the weapons in and of themselves. The process is the punishment. And in most of these cases the punishment is very severe. That's the idea.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Outrage broke out this week over the revelation that Obama arranged to ship the mullahs piles of cash, worth $400 million and converted into foreign denominations, reportedly in an unmarked cargo plane. The hotly debated question was whether the payment, which the administration attributes to a 37-year-old arms deal, was actually a ransom paid for the release of American hostages Tehran had abducted.

More worth examining is why the transaction took the bizarre form that it did. To cut to the chase, I believe it was to camouflage -- unsuccessfully -- the commission of felony law violations.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the Justice Department strongly objected to the cash payment to Iran.
Department officials, it is said, fretted that the transaction looked like a ransom payment. I don't buy that. It is not a federal crime to pay a ransom; just to receive one...It seems far more likely that Justice was worried that the transaction was illegal.


Here you are, 20+ years later still haunting a woman whose only guilt is believing her husband. Of course she slammed those women. They were crawling out of the woodwork. And who's to say they were all "victims? How do you know they weren't predators?

There were multiple women who claimed harassment and/or assault. But, I guess they were all lying and deserved to be destroyed.

Team Clinton (and that includes Hillary) sought to destroy Lewinsky as well. But, she probably deserved it too.

Unless you're a Peeping Tom with x-ray vision lurking in the bushes outside the Clinton's home in Chappaqua, you don't have a clue where they're sleeping.

I'd be willing to bet money they haven't lived under the same roof in over 20 years. I'd be willing to bet money they haven't shared the same bed for longer than that. That's not even judgmental, that's just stating the obvious.

A goof friend of mine has parents who haven't shared the same roof or bed since I first met her and that was at least 25 years ago. They never divorced and they still get along amicably, but any actual love between them long since vanished (he has had more than a couple of mistresses since I've known my friend). The reason they didn't divorce was for simplicity's sake. He's a business owner and it was just easier to manage their separation without involving lawyers, formal alimony, etc. They just worked out their arrangements between the 2 of them and it's worked out fine. It happens.

I just found it risible to suggest that Hillary "stood by her man" out of deep love and forgiveness. She had her reasons and I don't judge her not walking away from her marriage and demanding divorce.

I never brought up marriage - that was something you inserted into the discussion. I made that pretty clear in #48. If you think that makes me a jerk then you are entitled to your opinion.

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