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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dammit, people! I didn't like Trump, the candidate -- I didn't vote for him. I've been reasonably pleased with his cabinet nominations -- oh, I'd rather see John Bolton as secretary of State, and his repeated humiliation of Mitt Romney was petty and childish, but on the whole I've been pleased. But he still strikes me as a buffoon who every day is in danger of stepping on his own small ... gains in popularity with some boneheaded tweet. Someone whose recent program proposals -- a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, paid maternal leave, "fair" trade, massive tariffs, and Trump, the Man on the White Horse, coming in to meddle individually -- have been proposed and used by Democrats going back at least as far as FDR. [snip]

But seriously people, the degree of utter nincompoopery in the last days has just gotten completely out of control....

A guide for the perplexed

Where do things stand among Republicans in Washington regarding the repeal and replacement of Obamacare? Every day seems to bring fresh twists in the story, and the basic thread can be hard to follow. Is this the beginning of an arduous but ultimately fruitful legislative process? Is it the painful end of an illusion? Will it yield in a quagmire or a vindication for the party that has made the fight against Obamacare its foremost mission for more than half a decade?

One lesson I've learned from working on public policy in and out of government is that in a complex legislative debate, success and failure often feel exactly the same while they are happening. They both feel pretty much like pandemonium.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

This video is a little over a minute long and i thought it was pretty funny. Watch and (hopefully) enjoy.

One may have hoped that the media would respond to their 2016 failures and resulting lack of credibility by reforming. Instead, it seems that many in political media are quadrupling down on the mistakes that served them and their readers and viewers so poorly in the lead-up to Donald Trump's surprise victory in November.

It's impossible to track all the ways in which the media are leaning into their bias, their unnecessary hostility, and their abandonment of journalistic principles. So let's just look at a few examples from the last few hours.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR., conservative. That description of the civil rights leader whose birth we celebrate today might surprise or even offend many of the people coming to town to celebrate the inauguration of a new president and the supposed triumph of conservatism in some form or other. But in his way, Dr. King did a lot to preserve, protect and defend the best of our principles and values. Dr. King worked to turn back extremism, violence and racial nationalism at the height of the civil rights movement, and to keep the cause of essential and long-overdue change in the American mainstream.

The faith that he defended and helped refine was a sort of national creed based on what had come to be widely accepted, after many painful years, as the immutable truth that all of us are created equal -- and on the idea that Americans are united not by race or by a particular religious belief or ethnic origin, but by our devotion to the concepts of popular government and individual rights.



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