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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Imagine your parents getting you raped to bring you on to the right path! That's a reality that homosexuals in India face.

In most cases of corrective rape, the perpetrators are family members because of which the victims refrain from seeking legal recourse. Victims find it traumatising to speak of their brothers and/or cousins turning rapists and prefer to delete the incident from their memories and cut off ties with their families. Which is why such cases almost never get reported.

Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would become a scholar focusing on Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. Growing up, my passion was playing basketball and following the Boston Celtics. I never had any Muslim friends. In fact, I did not even know a single follower of Islam until my college years. If you had asked me when I was 16 years old, "What is a Muslim?" I would not be able to answer you.

Everything changed when 9/11 happened.

Monday, June 01, 2015

A Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa saying it should be "haram" or forbidden for women to watch football games. The unnamed cleric said in his fatwa that women "do not care who wins the match, all they care about is watching the player's thighs." He added that a "woman seeing a foreign man is sinful, so what about seeing his thighs and tight kit?" A female columnist for the Saudi Gazette, Ruqaya Al-Huwairni, responded, "I cannot describe how embarrassed and annoyed I was after listening to a fatwa issued by a local mosque imam." read more

A new website is publicizing the identities of pro-Palestinian student activists to prevent them from getting jobs after they graduate from college. "It is your duty to ensure that today's radicals are not tomorrow's employees," a female narrator intones in a slick video posted to the website's YouTube account. The individual dossiers on the Canary Mission read more

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tucked away near Manhattan's Gramercy Park in New York City, the Brotherhood Synagogue hosted Pakistan's internationally-acclaimed ensemble Farid Ayaz and the Abu Mohammad Qawwals. The evening's line-up included a performance by Jewish musician Basya Schechter, who is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and is studying to be a cantor. Saman Ghani Khan of Dawn writes, "The energy and enthusiasm witnessed in the Synagogue's prayer hall was nothing short of moving. To see these two communities, who share a complex history of hate and misunderstanding, come together through music was truly remarkable." read more


I would actually like to know Tremain's view of this..

Awwwwww.... I love you too.

but given the reputation of the "security" of Pakistan nukes,

According to Obama, Pakistan's nuclear security is the best on the planet.

India is just having a tummy ache because Pakistan recently upgraded their missiles. Now they can hit Israel in the West and all of Indian including the Andaman Islands (home of Indian Navy's Eastern Command) to the East.

Look up "White Falcon 3".


And now hereeeeee's Obama!


President Obama asserted he was confident Pakistan is committed to maintaining security around its nuclear arsenal.

In a joint statement released following a meeting at the White House between Obama and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the U.S. leader "reiterated his confidence in Pakistan's commitment and dedication to nuclear security and recognized that Pakistan is fully engaged with the international community on nuclear safety and security issues."

In fact, Pakistan's nuclear security is so tight, we don't have a clue how many weapons they have, what types of weapons they have, how many more they are making and where they are kept.

If WE can't find out, how can any taliban?


Funny as hell with the pak religious music in the background.

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