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Thursday, April 28, 2016

NEW YORK: A precious sculpture of Buddha's footprints carved in stone that was smuggled into the United States was returned to the government of Pakistan at a ceremony in New York on Wednesday.

Pakistan has been looking for this stolen artifact The 440-pound piece since 1983. read more

QINGTONGXIA, CHINA,: The wine-swilling co-founder of Sai Wai Xiang Halal Foodstuff Co enjoys his pork and does not follow Islam, but still sells more than $50 million-worth of food to Muslims across Asia and the Middle East.

Businessman Deng Zhijun bills his wares as "products with Muslim ethnic flavour", but has difficulty recalling some of Islam's basic dietary tenets.

"Muslims definitely don't smoke and don't drink alcohol,' he said over a lunch at the company, in a garden lined with caged peacocks, macaws and chickens. "There's also some kind of meat they don't eat, but I forgot." read more

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Welcome to our show, which will deal with wife beating."

I love how nonchalantly he starts the show, as if he is talking about something as casual as teaching us how to polish our antique furniture. Yes, let's talk about the correct way to beat our wives today; please tune in tomorrow for my advice on how to stay in denial about your own mental illness. read more

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On the site of a long-idle dairy farm, leaders of a local mosque hope to build a final resting place for about 500 Muslim families ─ to the dismay of many residents of this quaint town in central Massachusetts...

"People don't trust Muslims. Their goal is to populate the United States and take it over," Barbara Ashcraft said during a meeting in August. read more

India's telecommunications ministry has said all mobile phones sold in the country from 2017 must include a panic button.

It is part of a wider campaign to enhance the safety of women, in the light of growing concerns about levels of sexual violence in the country.

From 2018, phones will also have to include GPS navigation systems. read more


It's called "Tabata".


And there is an app for that...


High intensity workout for a maximum of 7 minutes and you are like someone who ran a marathon.

Even 2 minutes, three times a week is enough.

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