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Monday, June 13, 2016

I know there was a brief Bill Maher video with Scott Adams a couple weeks ago. This is a Michael Strong YouTube interview of Scott Adams talking about the Art of Persuasion and how Donald Trump employs it. It is a much longer interview and covers other topics related to it. It actually makes a lot of sense as to Donald's Strategy.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Video posted on YouTube shows a woman at a Walmart store loudly berating a man who was paying for his groceries with food stamps.

As a child sits in the man's shopping cart looking on, the woman complains about how she is paying for his food with her tax money...


I just have to sigh as I read these threads. I don't want make lite of Terrorism of any kind.

It has been said many times already that the FBI investigated this guy multiple times. They wrote him off as a blowhard. Their early investigation theory is that he profile wise fits your stereotypical mass shooter rather than an actual Islamic Terrorist. Time will tell what the actual truth is - maybe.

@ #18 Casey - you are way off on your population stat. Today, Muslims are 1% of the population of the US as of 2015 or about 1250% of the .08% you stated.

To date THIS YEAR 182 Mass Shootings, 371 last year, 2014 - 325, 2013 - 333. The problem to me is really speaking to the violence and gun culture in the USA if you start to look into true issue. When you start to look into actual what I term massacres of people like Orlando - in the past 8 years there are about 82 incidents. 94% of them are non-Muslim. 47 of the 82 (57%) perpetrated by Whites if that matters... Not to mention how many had known mental health issues.

Here's the deal, I have some Muslim friends and actually broached the subject with them not long ago and I have to say it gave me some perspective. I personally am tired of hearing about Muslims as if all Muslims are terrorists, extremist or just in general "bad" people. I know they aren't. I don't hate Muslims just like I don't hate any other Religion as a whole. Now think how it is if you are actually a Muslim and not exactly mentally stable. People spouting off about Muslims being bad people and not coming forward and not speaking out against extremism, blah blah blah. There is a clear vocalized hatred of Muslims by a significant vocal portion of Americans. I don't even think most of them hate Muslims if they really examined it. Personally I hate ALL Religious Terrorists in all shapes and forms.

Guess I didn't even know he was remarried. If the stories of his ex-wife are true than his current wife was also almost certainly seriously abused by this loon. I am not saying she is free from guilt - she needs to be investigated and should probably be put on trial depending on the evidence.

EVERYTHING I have been reading and hearing indicate a combination of failures at all levels and a very angry insane person. Family was clearly living in denial. This wasn't about religion even though in the end he claimed it. He also claimed to be Hezbollah and al Qaeda ties - Can't get more opposite in that world... This guy was putting out cries for help for years and nobody addressed it. It is clear that society itself played a role too. The anti-Muslim rhetoric day in and day out in this country wears on all Muslims so imagine how it wears on someone who is mentally unstable.

What does this terrorist incident combine?

1. Terrorism - duh.
2. Gun Control Issues
3. Mental Issues
4. Homophobia (It really sounds like this guy might have been a closeted self loathing homosexual...)
5. Religious Extremism

Just heard a report this morning talking about sexual issues is one of the biggest recruiting drivers for these radical groups. Also didn't realize that Iran is the second biggest gender reassignment surgeries (after Thailand). It is accepted in Iran that a person can be trapped in the body of the wrong sex and a sex change is socially accepted but somehow they still loath and criminalize homosexuality...

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