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That hardly is reassuring training when dealing with Ebola, and only a retard would think that NBC training qualifies them to deal with Ebola.

Fucking retards.

#103 | Posted by 101Chairborne

Your age is showing. You are a bit out of touch old man. Now they call it CBRN. For Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear.

And I worked extensively with NBC equipment for the Army and it wasn't even my primary job as an Equipment Sepcialist 1670.

Our Processing Facilities all had NBC A/C units attached and isolation rooms as you entered and were positively pressured to prevent any air from entering. And that was back in the 1980s.

CBRN involves quite a bit more than just practicing with a gas mask one a year.

The Army has a Special Medical Augmentation Response Team
Emergency Medical Response (SMART-EMR).
The current approved types of SMARTs include --
· Chemical/Biological/
Radiological/Nuclear (SMART-CBRN).
· Stress Management (SMART-SM).
· Medical Command, Control, Communications, and Telemedicine (SMART-MC3T).
· Pastoral Care (SMART-PC).
· Preventive Medicine (SMART-PM).
· Burn (SMART-B).
· Veterinary (SMART-V).
· Health Systems Assessment and Assistance (SMART-HS).
· Aeromedical Isolation (SMART-AI).
· Logistics (SMART-LOG).
· Smallpox Emergency Response (SMART-SER).
· Smallpox Specialized Treatment (SMART-SST).
· Investigational New Drug (SMART-IND).
· Radiological Advisory Medical Team (RAMT).
These teams provide military support to civil authorities during disasters, civil-military operations (CMO), and humanitarian and emergency services incidents occurring in the US, its territories and possessions, and OCONUS unified command AORs.

United States Marine Corps Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defense Capabilities are called The Chemical Biological Incident Response Force or CBIRF.

When directed, the CBIRF forward-deploys and/or responds to a credible threat of a CBRN incident in order to assist local, state, or federal agencies and designated CCDRs in the conduct of CM operations by providing capabilities for agent detection and identification; casualty search, rescue, and personnel decontamination; and emergency medical care and stabilization of contaminated personnel.

The CBIRF consists of approximately 450 Marines, Sailors, civilian employees, and contractors. For garrison/training purposes, it is organized into three permanent companies: headquarters and service company and two reaction force companies. For operations, CBIRF will task organize as required. For immediate response, it has two standing task-organized IRFs.


There is much more listed (I didn't even get to the Air Force or Navy) but I think the "whiners" here will get the point.

There is much more involved in CBRN now than yearly "gas mask training" that chairborne got back in the 50s.

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