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Thursday, June 25, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court has upheld the nationwide tax subsidies under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, in a ruling that preserves health insurance for millions of Americans.

The justices said in a 6-3 ruling Thursday that the subsidies that 8.7 million people currently receive to make insurance affordable do not depend on where they live, under the 2010 health care law.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the first papal encyclical Pope Francis has written, he said climate change was mostly down to human activity and policies were urgently needed to cut carbon emissions, such as by reducing fossil fuels and developing renewables.

People in wealthy countries need to change their unsustainable lifestyles, as exploitation of the planet has already exceeded acceptable limits and millions of tonnes of waste are being generated, making the Earth look more and more "like an immense pile of filth". read more

WASHINGTON -- In response to a 184-page papal encyclical that urges immediate action to address the environmental and social consequences of global warming, a coalition of frustrated Republican leaders issued statements Thursday arguing that Pope Francis should leave scientific matters to scientists who deny climate change. "Frankly, it's not really anyone's place to make declarations about climate science or global temperature changes unless they're a scientific expert who has spent years rejecting the concept of climate change," said former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who added that the pope had neither studied climate science nor ever been among the 3 percent of researchers who stand in opposition to the overwhelmingly dominant position held by the scientific community on climate change, so he had no business speaking on the subject. read more

Friday, May 08, 2015

The New Democratic Party (NDP) ended the Progressive Conservatives' (PC) 44-year rule of the province.

Political observers were stunned by the result, with one commentator saying: "Pigs do fly".

Alberta's Premier Jim Prentice, a former member of Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet, said he was stepping down from political life.

He only became premier in September, and called the snap election in April to seek a mandate after bringing in a tough tax-raising budget.

"My contribution to public life is now at an end," Mr Prentice said as he conceded defeat, blaming the collapse in oil prices and the subsequent financial problems.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

A federal court has decided that the National Security Agency's bulk, warrantless collection of millions of Americans' phone records is illegal.

The sweeping decision from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday represents a major court victory for opponents of the NSA and comes just as Congress begins a fight over whether to renew the underlying law used to justify the program.

That program "exceeds the scope of what Congress has authorized," Judge Gerard Lynch wrote on behalf of the three-judge panel.


When you know you don;lt have anything to back it up just hope no one knows you post the same stuff over and over?

It lies again? You are really invested in this one.

I never posted any poll. If I did I posted the Kiaser poll kff.org which you didn't accept either as valid. That makes two polls you don't like because they do not agree with you. Both are current and show that for the FIRST time Americans approve of Obamacare.

The trend is obvious and predictable as Americans actually find out how it can help them and how much the GOtP has lied. I would bet those polls even probably track pretty nicely with when the GOtP lies came out and when they got debunked.

Another thing that will make the polls surge in favor of ObamaCare...Everyone loves a winner. so the GOtP better come out with some more lies to counteract the surge pretty soon!

So again. Post something recent like from this month or even last month.

Or you got nothing but Hope that Nothing Changes.


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