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Anyone who served in a combat MOS agrees to keep the standards hard and to the same as men. Civilians have said it was not fair to hold the women to the same standards.

I was not aware that any women have been assigned to combat roles in the USMC as of yet.

And as far as I know women are being held to the same standards as men. Which is why these did not pass apparently. Officer training is much harder than infantry training.

Some have already passed completed Marine Infantry Training but not assigned to combat as of yet.

The Marines have been experimenting for more than a year with passing women through the Corps infantry training course. Women have been held to the same physical standards as men and there have already been examples of women successfully passing the training.

The women were part of a 100-Marine pilot program created to test the viability of women in Infantry training. Despite their graduation from infantry training, they still reported to their original non-combat MOS.

The Marine Corps is still collecting data as to the effects of a gender integrated force. Lt. Col. David Nevers, General Amos' spokesman, told the Marine Corps Times that as of yet no "institutional perspective" has been formed on integration.

The Marine Corps Make More Strides Towards Integration Of Women In Combat--Mar. 21, 2014, 3:27 PM

Read more: www.businessinsider.com

I have met women Marines more dedicated and physically and mentally fit than many men I have served with and I would have gladly served with those women in combat.

Semper Fi

Maybe we should start handing out bullet proof vests the way we hand out condoms?

You know that might actually work.

#82 | Posted by visitor_

Bullet proof vests and gas masks are becoming standard issue for journalists these days.

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If it was a child with the weapon, if the weapon belongs to a parent, charge the parent and take away their ability to own a weapon. Weapon should have been secured.

And I still don't see a reason to take my 2nd amend rights away because of something happening on the other side of the nation.

#4 | Posted by boaz

Typical GOTP myopic thinking.

It's only on the "other side of the nation" because it didn't happen to directly to YOU. Wake up Bozo. This could happen anywhere anytime now.

Do you admit yet that gun violence is a public heath concern?

If so then tell the good people why can't we approve a Surgeon General who just wants TALK about these issues so we can start to resolve them?

Let me help you.

Here's why:

Murthy's position isn't particularly controversial in the medical community. Most major doctors' groups, including the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, treat gun violence as a public health concern and believe it's an entirely appropriate issue to discuss with patients. And past Surgeons General, including Reagan-appointee C. Everett Koop, have spoken out on the public health threats presented by guns. Koop co-authored a 1992 essay in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) entitled, "Time to Bite the Bullet Back."

But, in today's clown car climate his position is just too damn controversial.

"My concerns with regards to issues like gun violence have to do with my experience as a physician, seeing patients in emergency rooms who have come in with acute injuries; but also seeing many patients over the years who are dealing with spinal cord injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and other chronic complications from gun violence."

--President Obama's Surgeon General nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy


And so not only do we not have any leadership addressing the public health issue of gun violence we had no one to speak out about (the now out of control) ebola epidemic in Africa to keep it from reaching our shores.

And I bet you folks don't even feel a twinge of remorse.

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