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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Clearly, Americans fear sharia, Islam's legal framework. At least nine states have passed "foreign law" statutes banning sharia in American courts -- even though no U.S. court has ever ruled based on sharia. Although the Constitution expressly forbids a religious test for would-be leaders of the nation, then-presidential candidate Ben Carson said last year that he'd oppose any Muslim White House aspirant who was "not willing to reject sharia." In this election year, Donald Trump calls for a ban on all Muslim immigration, and pundits argue that sharia prompted the killing of innocent dancers at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Falsehoods about Islam abound, and many of them center on what sharia is and what it is not. Here are five myths. read more

A man from Springfield, Massachusetts is suing Golden Corral Corporation for $2 million, for false advertising, after being literally thrown out of one of the chain's restaurants by the employees, last Thursday.

According to witnesses, the 51 year old man who lives on welfare, was expelled from the restaurant after he then spent more than 7 hours on-site, ingesting a quantity of food which has been estimated between 50 and 70 pounds.

Despite the fact that the restaurant advertised the buffet as "all-you-can-eat", the manager of the establishment seems to have lost patience at some point, telling him that his meal would be free but asking him to leave. The manager's intervention angered Mr Fleming, and a brief altercation took place before he was finally pushed out of the restaurant.

He immediately called the police and filed a complaint against the restaurant, and he intends to make the people responsible for his mistreatment, pay for their actions. read more

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Donald Trump has revised his proposed ban on foreign Muslims. The issue came up Saturday as Trump gave reporters a tour of his golf course on Scotland's eastern coast. During one of four stops along the 18-hole course, a reporter asked Trump if he would be okay with a Muslim from Scotland coming into the United States and he said it "wouldn't bother me." Spokeswoman Hope Hicks saying Saturday that Trump only wants to ban Muslims from countries with heavy terrorism. Hicks said in an email that her boss took this new position -- which is a dramatic scaling back of the position he first took in early December -- during a policy speech nearly two weeks ago. In that speech, Trump did not mention Muslims and called for a temporary ban on "certain people coming from certain horrible -- where you have tremendous terrorism in the world, you know what those places are." At the time, it appeared that Trump was expanding his ban to include more people, not limiting its scope. read more

Yael T. Abouhalkah, Kansas City Star: Gov. Sam Brownback and his extremist Republican legislative supporters in Topeka just got hit with a massive body blow from four ex-governors of Kansas. And the Aug. 2 GOP primaries just got a lot hotter. In a shocking, bipartisan -- and accurate -- rebuke of Brownback, former governors Bill Graves, Mike Hayden, John Carlin and Kathleen Sebelius sent out a letter to Kansans on Friday. That's two Republicans (Graves and Hayden) and two Democrats (Carlin and Sebelius) joining forces to lambaste Brownback. read more

Georgia superior court judge Bryant Durham, Jr., and defendant Denver Fenton Allen.

Durham: I -- I am finding -- I'm finding you in contempt of court," Durham said, after Allen made a obscene comment.

Allen: I don't care.

Durham: I know you don't. And I sentence you to 20 days for that. And if you say anything else, I'm going to add 20 days for everything you say.

Allen: F -- you.

Durham: Forty days.

Allen: F -- you again.

Durham: Sixty.

Allen: Go f -- yourself.

Durham: A year.

Allen: Your mama.

Durham: Ten years. read more


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